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The political, social networking site that integrates politics with popular culture.

Volkalize Year In Review

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Started by January 2, 2015

Happy New Year! Year In Review. All the political topics you cared about this year. Check them out, are there topics you've already forgotten that you cared about in 2014?

Happy New Year Volkalizers!

One of the core beliefs of, is that the mainstream media 24 hour news cycle is detrimental to the political, social, cultural, and historical education of our world. “Important stories” disappear from mainstream media before any solutions are reached, policies are implemented, or anything actually happens.

We hope to inspire you to consider the impact of legislation, events, movements, and people around the world for longer than the mainstream media headlines ask you to.

Therefore, we’ve decided to send all of you the Volkalize Year In Review. Although it isn’t really our year in review, it’s yours.

Below are the topics you’ve been discussing all year long. These topics were at the forefront of political and cultural debate this year.

Mainstream media told you that chaos might erupt, that the world was on the brink of disaster. Was it?

As you begin 2015, we ask you to reflect on 2014. How has the world changed? How is it the same? Have you already forgotten some of the issues you cared about last year?

Finally, we ask you to challenge the 24 hour news cycle! Keep these discussions going. Don’t let yourself forget the issues that are affecting your world. Year In Review: The Topics You Cared About In 2014!

Syrian Attack: Yes, No, Maybe So?
What Exactly Is Wrong (and right) With Obamacare?
Should Kathleen Sebelius Get Fired?
The Unrest In Ferguson
Do You Support Or Oppose Immigration Reform Through Executive Order?
LGBT VS The Tea Party
Has Sequestration Impacted The Economy?
Should We Raise Minimum Wage?
Enhanced Interrogation AKA Torture: For Or Against?
Should We Implement Strict Gun Control?
Republicans Take The Senate: What Should They Do Now?
WTF Is Going On In Ukraine?
Is Capitalism The Backbone Of Injustice?
Should The Government Be Involved In Marriage?
Should We Act On Climate Change?
Israel and Palestine Relations: Why So Much Conflict?
The Ebola Outbreak: How Bad Is It?
ISIS: How Can We Stop Them?
Should Edward Snowden Be Arrested And Prosecuted? Why Or Why Not?
Is Islam A Religion Of Peace?
Cliven Bundy: Ranchers Take On The Bureau of Land Management.
Should We Legalize Drugs?
Should We Implement A Flat Tax?
Officer Darren Wilson: Guilty Until Proven Guilty?
Common Core: For Or Against? Why?
Pro Life Or Pro Choice?
Seal The Border? Yes Or No?
Malaysian Airliner Goes Missing
Rape Shield Laws
Net Neutrality: The Government Wants Free Netflix
The Commercial That Was Banned From The Super Bowl
The Man Putin Fears Most
Toxic Chemicals In The Water Supply In Charleston
Homeless in America
Parents VS Teachers
Should The West Fear Russia?
Is Cheap Energy The Solution To Keep America’s Economy On Top?


Happy New Year everyone! We sincerely wish you a wonderful 2015.

Remember to hold your government accountable this year, don’t be afraid to use your voice, and Volkalize your political opinions!


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