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Nico, I take such offense to this posting! I’m ashamed to know you!

Totally kidding. This had me laughing out loud. Now back to studying!

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Gary @grand-vizier

I want TWO things.
The Goverment out of our bedrooms (and derivitives thereof)
Out of our wallets !.
Dont care what others do,don’t want to pay for it either!
I don’t want to be responsible if others have either abortions OR kids but PEASE take responsibility for your own actions and leave the rest of us out of your personal issues.

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Julia Wotten @juliaw

I mostly agree with @Nbecerra. Although I don’t think conservatives have any chance of changing their opinions on gay marriage. There are some conservatives, such as @grand-vizier that accept gays right to marry who they want, but for the most part religious fanatics in the middle of the country refuse to let people have equal rights. They are the same way with abortion. They still think they can overturn Roe v. Wade, take away a woman’s right to choose, and make no attempt at coming up with solutions for all the unwanted babies that will be born into this world.

The Tea Party, along with conservatives, were the ones that came out and support Chic Fil A when the chain’s CEO announced he did not support gay marriage, it is conservatives that vote and fight against marriage equality. It is conservatives that think gays are sinners and base it off their religious beliefs. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Regarding abortion: There are about 1.2 million abortions a year in the United States alone. Are conservatives willing to adopt all of these babies, pay for them either through taking care of them directly or paying for them through federal assistance programs? I doubt it.

We all agree people shouldn’t abuse having abortions. But statistics tell us that only about 8% of women that have abortions are having them 3 or more times. And to be honest I dont know if I want those women to be parents anyway. I don’t believe life begins at conception so it doesn’t bother me that these women are aborting these babies, I think it actually is preventing a life of suffering for that would be person.

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Bullets And Black Lace @bullets-and-black-lace


Well, now I need to get gay married, somehow get pregnant (which will be difficult if I am only sleeping with my wife), then abort the fetus and get a divorce. I do not know how I will ever have the time. Can I wait until after I take the Bar exam?

Sorry, I could only offer my sarcasm (above) as I do not have anything legitimate to contribute to this post, because I actually agree with you on pretty much all of your points. A+

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Brian @irie-brian


Nico, You are so right, people should be making a fuss about divorce, people nowadays act like being married is just another chapter in life, seldom is marriage being approached as a sacrament, yet it should be.
You would be a good politician because it seems you will play the populace just for a win, then still seemingly attempt to bring balance back to the government, or at least, you claim you would.
I know sometimes we have to stop being stubborn if we want to accomplish a specific goal but I don’t think that it is EVER good to change or lower our standards and moral fiber just for a win. If the GOP has an issue with Gay marriage, so be it; It would be pretty shady if the same folks suddenly changed their stance, wouldn’t you agree?
As “important” as most see these 2 issues, I think they are distractions. The government should be focussing on protecting our borders. WHo cares what they have to say on whether or not a doctor is allowed to give abortions; how many people in congress have their M.D. ?
And holy Matrimony should have never had anything to do with the government, why should any couples receive special benefits? If the Government would have kept their hands out of marriage in the first place, Gay folks would be perfectly happy as civil union deviants and not feel that they were treated unequally just because they are not getting same government benefit$ as married folks.

A government is like fire, keep it small and it will keep you warm through hard times, keep feeding it, and it will grow and destroy everything it touches.

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