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@cameronconner you are right about one thing, the Republicans and Democrats are not able to work together on anything. In my opinion, Republicans feel that government shouldn’t function if their party isn’t in power. Literally nothing has been able to get done with the Republicans in the house blocking Democrat initiatives.

The polling data seems to be showing Republicans favored to take the Senate. However those races are very close and if Democrats are more efficient in getting their base out to vote it could be a very good night for the Dems.

We also have to look to 2016. It looks like the Democrat is going to take the governorship in Florida, a true swing state. If the Republicans are unable to win in Flordia during this midterm election, when Democrats are considered to be more unpopular, it is more likely that Democrats will win the state in two years again and keep the Presidency. Remember, while congressional races are important. The most important races to watch in order to look towards 2016 are the state wide elections, governor races and senate races.

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@juliaw What you are saying makes sense. Unfortunately, I just don’t see a good outcome regardless who “wins”. Our biggest problem is the fact that both parties absolutely refuse to negotiate with each other.

I understand that they are supposed to oppose each other. However, they are should work together and negotiate. Instead they are more worried about the next election. I have even heard that president Obama is planning to legalize all the illegal immigrants. He is just waiting for the elections to be over first. If he truly believed this was the best thing for America, then he would just do it. Instead, he is just playing the political game.

Also, I have noticed that the smear campaigns have begun. I absolutely hate them. It just proves how uncivil both parties have become. Their like high school children in a popularity contest. Why can’t they simply spend that time explaining their veiws, beliefs, and what they plan to do. I am sick of voting against people. I just wish I could find someone worthy of being voted for.

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Cameron, the two parties will never work together, you have the liberal democrats who want to expand government to an even greater size than what it is, they want to insert the government into a persons daily lives, they want to see more people drawing government assistance so the people will be more dependent on the government. In other words they want to turn America into a socialist country.

On the other hand, the conservatives, and I can’t say all republicans are conservative, want to shrink government, stay out of a persons life, they want people to work and take care of themselves and not have any need for government hand-outs. They want people to be self-sufficient, self-reliant and achieve to the highest of each persons ability. In other words they want America to remain a free democratic republic.

Hope this helps to understand what each side wants and why they will never be able to work together.

Cameron, here are some words spoken by John Adams in 1775.

John Adams to Abigail Adams – July 7, 1775

Your Description of the Distresses of the worthy Inhabitants of Boston, and the other Sea Port Towns, is enough to melt an Heart of Stone. Our Consolation must be this, my dear, that Cities may be rebuilt, and a People reduced to Poverty, may acquire fresh Property: But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty once lost is lost forever. When the People once surrender their share in the Legislature, and their Right of defending the Limitations upon the Government, and of resisting every Encroachment upon them, they can never regain it…

I am forever yours —

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@jlriggs57aol-com I agree with you that the Democratic Party intends to continue to expand the size of the government. They have proven that much. However, I wouldn’t say that the Republican Party intends to weaken the Government’s power over American citizens. One of the most unconstitutional bills ever passed was under the Patriot Act.

One of the leading causes of the American Revolution was that England allowed government agents and the military the authority to right their own search warrants. They claimed that they needed a quicker and easier way to find tax evaders. The Patriot act allows government agents to write their own search warrants. Then gives them the right not to testify their reasons. I wonder what George Washington would do.

By the way, I don’t consider myself Democratic or Republican. Many of my views are conservative. However, I don’t think Either side is perfect.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


I could not agree with you more about the Republicans we have in office now and I said as much in my last comment. I said, “….and I can’t say all republicans are conservative….”

Unfortunately we are overrun with RINO’s, (Republicans In Name Only) As far as I am concerned RINO’s are just as bad as democrats, maybe even worse, you know what a democrat will do, but you never know what liberal agenda a RINO will follow. The literal wolf in sheep’s clothing.

I am a definite conservative, I am a member of the Tea Party, they seem to be the only ones fighting to preserve Our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights. For the most part they stand for God, family and country and right now we can stand a whole lot of that.

Sorry, if it seems I’m on my soap box, but those are the Ideals I believe in.

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Cameron Conner @cameronconner

Well said. I’m really glad I found this site. I feel like I am finally able to discuss issues that are important to me, with people who can actually think for themselves.

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@cameronconner I’m glad you found this site. It’s fun when we get people that really like to discuss and engage. When we get a good back and forth conversation going it can definitely be entertaining and educational. Plus, I personally really enjoy reading people’s opinions that I disagree or agree with. Nice to meet you, and enjoy!

In regards to who will take the Senate, it seems that the Republicans have the best chance of doing so right now. Which for me, poses a new question that maybe you, @juliaw and @jlriggs57aol-com will have some commentary on.

I was watching the news last night and they were talking specifically about immigration reform, and how if the Republicans take the Senate this will create a huge opportunity for them to either seize, or miss.

If the Republicans push for immigration reform, draft a bill, pass it in the House and Senate, and send it to the President to sign, this could be a huge hit to the Democrats. All the illegals they are looking to gain as new citizens, and and all the people of South American/Central American descent will be surprised and greatful that the Republicans were in fact the ones to get immigration reform done, and the Democrats never could. This puts President Obama in a strange position, he wont want to sign any bill the Republicans put forward, but if the doesn’t sign it, the Democrats will look terrible to the public, and they will ruin their chances in 2016.

That being said, the Republicans have the opportunity to ruin their chances in 2016 but not doing anything on anything, or by doing stupid things. To explain, the Republicans could not act on immigration, leaving it to the Democrats to use as a political football and gain more hispanic support claiming that the Republicans aren’t doing anything to help them.

What do you guys think about this? The implications for 2016 are huge. But I think overall the Republicans have a huge chance or making the Democrats look bad because Obama will either have to sign or veto any bills they bring to him.

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@cameronconnor @jlriggs57aol-com @juliaw the Republican party will take the senate. There are 10 Senate seats up for grabs, and 7 of them the Republican party is likely to win. This article explains it pretty well:

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