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Brandon Killian @brandonkillian

I believe the US should take the role that the International community takes. We are not the world police, it is not our duty to intervene in every international crisis. Of course, the use of chemical weapons is extremely regrettable. I think the International community should ABSOLUTELY take action, but an effort by the United States alone to oust the Assad Regime would engage us in another costly war with little results. We are involved in so many International conflicts right now, and we have problems of our own to face in the United States. Lets stop being the world police and encourage a UN resolution. The International community must work together to hold the Assad Regime, and other dictatorships accountable.

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Two Cents @twocents

I support setting up some sort of safe zone for rebels. Although, I do not support military combat actions. They will most likely fail. Also, at this point the rebels have mixed with groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood. If we supply them with weapons there is no way to track where these weapons could end up. Its too late to get involved now, all we can do is provide humanitarian aid, such as setting up a safe zone.

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nathalie @nathaliedacosta

@juliawotten What steps do you think need to be taken to encourage international communication on the issue? What is your opinion about Russia’s support of Assad, and how would that factor into the international effort?

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Isabelle Granter @issabell

We absolutely have an obligation to bolster the syrian revolution — even if our role as world police is winding down (as it should be!), it doesn’t change the fact that we set a boundary, and Assad crossed it.

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Andrew @smittyboss1

We said that chemical weapons were the line. Assad crossed it. We need to support the rebels now. Arms and money. If the international community doesn’t like it, so what? What will they do? Since when has America listened to other countries trying to dictate what WE, America, do?

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Danny Foster @dannyfoster

@andrew what about the danger that weapons could fall into the wrong hands?

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Terry Jung @classikjane

Hard question. Good discussion. Issue is further complicated by Syrian army crossing into Israel & the border war heating up there. Chemical weapons are unacceptable. From international reporting I have read, both Assad and rebels are torturing each other’s captives. Bombing chemical weapons delivery systems may help; I wouldn’t put US troops on the ground there.

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Jared Howell @theteddsickgnasty

I’m just going to point out that no one in the Syrian conflict is completely innocent and there have been reports that the rebels may at one point also had Sarin gas. If the U.S. is going to get involved in this conflict it should be making sure this conflict doesn’t spill over into Turkey, Lebanon, or Israel. If N.A.T.O. wants to set up a no fly zone I’m fine with that, but getting involved in any other way will be a huge mistake.

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Almost all of our allies in the Middle East wants our help… and right now we’re basically ignoring them. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Isreal, Jordan, Egypt…they all want us to intervene in Syria with the hopes that our help will stop this war. So, it’s clear that we must do something. But we have to be careful here, really careful. If Iraq and Afghanistan are any indication, let it be for what NOT to do and let’s begin to adopt policies of containment and alleviation such as protecting the innocent civilians as well as governance support.

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Gary @grand-vizier

I think the time has long passed where there were any good options,if there ever were. The situation has spun beyond our ability to control it in any meaningful way.
The red line was really dumb in the first place unless there was the will to act if it was crossed.
That is now obvious to everyone that it was just talk and the reputation of the U.S. in that area is in tatters.
No one can possibly take Obama seriously now and the likely results will be great escalation of hostilities.
The die is cast and I expect things to get much worse before they get better.
But hey,I expect the President to just say he “didn’t know”and “no one told me”
and Hillary can say “What difference does it make”.

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Andrew @smittyboss1

@Danny Foster, That is a risk that we must take, we have to help the rebels in some way, and it is either that or send soldiers.

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Two Cents @twocents

@dannyfoster @theteddsickgnasty @classikjane @smittyboss1 @nathaliedacosta @grad-vizier how things have changed. Syria is in complete chaos right now. The Assad regime is definitely using chemical weapons against their people, and especially their children. The cruelty is out of control. The front page of the Wall Street journal today shows rows of children killed from chemical weapons. This may have been the largest use of chemical weapons since Saddam Hussein used them against Kurds and Iranians in the 1980’s.

Do you guys still think we should stay out? Or get involved? Has your opinion changed since seeing all of the children and rebels killed?

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Gary @grand-vizier

Yes,Assad is likely using chemical weapons and killing children, but Assad’s enemies are Al Qaeda who are also our sworn enimies.
Al Qaeda will also cheerfully kill all of us and our children ,given any opportunity .
This is a lose lose situation at this point..
How can we chose which side we will support so they can kill us later!
The time to get involved is long past.
Another example of leading from behind.
I’m sorry but watching Al Qaeda die from chemical weapons doesn’t bother me any more than watching people leap to their deaths rather than burn alive on 9/11.
The U.N. is not going to do a thing. Nor is this I vote to stay out now that it is out of control.

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