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Richard, I have heard a million different opinions on this. Some say a “person” should use whichever gender bathroom they identify with. The biggest downfall in this scenario is the fact that any male, who wants to see some partially nude women, can go put on a dress, wig, and make-up and just walk right in. Second, this issue is just like any other, get your foot in the door, you just keep pushing it open further and further, pretty soon we are sharing showers, dressing rooms, etc.

To me it’s just not that difficult to figure out. If your DNA says you are male, then you are male and you use the MENS bathroom. No guesswork needed.

If I said I identify myself as a Gazelle, running across the plains of Africa, does that make me one? I believe not. If I had my skin dyed the same color as a Gazelles and had antlers added to my head, would I be a Gazelle? Still no.

This isn’t a matter of what you feel, it isn’t a matter of what you have changed, it is plain and simply a matter of DNA.

I look forward to your next post. Have a great day.

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@ptsd @jlriggs57aol-com I personally feel that there are creepy people everywhere. No matter what, creepy people are going to be creeps. I don’t feel that allowing people to go in a different bathroom really makes a difference.

It’s kind of like the gun argument, a “No Guns Allowed” sign isn’t going to stop something from walking in with a gun. People that don’t want to follow rules aren’t going to follow rules.

If I walked into a public bathroom and there was someone in there that I stereotyped as creepy or sketchy, if I got a bad vibe, I would leave the bathroom and go elsewhere. I also would never take my clothes off or change in a “woman’s” bathroom if I wasn’t in a closed and locked stall. I know some women do that, but thats their choice to put themselves out there for other women to see or putting themselves at risk just in case a creep tried to be creepy.

We cannot rely on government signs, safe zones, or gender defined zones to keep us from experiencing intrusive or inappropriate situations, we have to rely on our common sense.

As far as children go, I feel the same way. I would never allow my child to go into a public bathroom alone.

Thats just my thoughts though!

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I will agree that a creepy person will always do creepy things, however I think we heighten the ability of a creep to do those things when we invite them into the places where they can act on their creepiness. If a rapist feels comfortable just casually strolling into a woman’s bathroom he will be more likely to go there instead of having to be careful not to be seen, which would alert someone to call 911 or security, if there is any. My opinion is if you make something harder for someone to do, they are less likely to do it. The easier it is the more they will do it.

About your comment on the “No Guns Allowed” sign. I agree that these signs do nothing but invite someone to do horrible things, that’s why all these mass shootings have been done in gun free zones. They know they will get a high body count before they are shot by police or they decide to kill themselves. On the other had if signs are put up that say, “Gun Friendly Zone”, the bad person will think twice about doing anything because he knows he will probably be stopped before he can accomplish his goal.

As far as relying on the government for signs, safe zones, or gender defined zones, I don’t want to rely on the government for anything. I take care of my own.

Would you still be walking your 14 year old son into a men’s bathroom? A teenager is too old to be in a public bathroom with their opposite gender parent. Talk about a devastatingly awkward situation, especially if someone else would happen to walk in.

We are trying too hard to appease people who only make up a very, very small percentage of our population, which in my opinion serves nothing but to complicate things for everyone and confuse our children, who are already being brainwashed enough in our public school systems.

Nice to hear from you again. Have a great day. (Please send my regards to your dad,)

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