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If the USDA were serious about “protecting” the US food supply from ag-terrorists they would open an office in every country in South America and regulate the local farmers there. Most (the great majority) of the US food supply is grown south of the US Border. Very little table food for human consumption is grown in the US.
Most of the US crops are grown and then sold as table foods for export. Corn is grown and processed for the byproducts and the remainder is exported to Africa as animal food. Without ethanol and high fructose corn syrup the poor struggling industrial farmers like Archer Midland Daniels would probably have to sell corn meal to Quaker for Aunt Jemima Corn Meal.
The USDA bullies small time farmers (acreage < 500, hippies, hobbyists, etc) because big farmers (Quaker, Purina, Reynolds, ADM, Monsanto, etc) will give the USDA a butt-whipping they will never forget.
The tactics of the USDA and the Federal Rulers in general are more of a threat to the safety of the US food supply than anything else.

Small-time ag operators (again acreage < 500 or so) fly below the USDA radar and operate as they see fit. Swapping 100 lbs or less of seed for a quantity of a different seed that is desirable is simply a "Quid Pro Quo" transaction that takes place between willing parties. Accumulating a seed library is simple.

The problem is that the actual market place of exchange is essentially a black market and rife with all of the problems of a black market.

The USDA forces this sort of grey shadows environment and then tries to catch and punish the small time operators with the awesome might and full force of the US Federal Government. The USDA did such a great job in controlling the growers who produce marijuana that you don't ever see anybody engaging in a grey shadows exchange of locally grown marijuana for cash – right?

Just think what would happen if somebody decided to take their high school level biology & chemistry knowledge and modify corn-smut or wheat rust. A hybrid of either of those could easily be produced at home.

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