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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


If I understand this correctly your say there’s not much difference between the democrats and the republicans. If this is correct, I couldn’t agree more.

The biggest problem is that the liberals are becoming more liberal and the republicans are just following them down that road, thus the term RINO’s.

You spoke about anytime either group makes a move we lose a little bit more freedom and liberty. They don’t care about our freedoms, they only care about pushing their agendas. They are all set on growing this government into an even bigger monstrosity.

They both have worked for a long time to grow the government into this massive bureaucracy that invades our lives every single day and it’s getting worse. Soon they will be telling us what to eat, when to sleep, and how much toilet paper to use when we use the bathroom.

The only ones that seem to be trying to make a real change and are at least trying to listen to “We The People” are the Tea Partyers, why else would they be slammed by both the democrats and the RINO’s.

Both sides want nothing to do with the people they see us as little children who have to have all our decisions made for us.

Don’t know if this was what you were looking for, let me know if not.

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Jason @jasongeorgia

James, I don’t disagree completely, but my only problem with the tea party that I can see is that there are a lot of the “old gaurd” hanging around and it turns off lots of people my age. For the most part I think I subscribe to a constitutionalists or libertarian point of view. if the tea party wants traction it is going to need some new blood with a more modern and aggressive approach like big Pappa Brietebart God bless him. I am also a Christian but I do not believe in legislating beliefs and personal ethics. i.e gay marriage

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


When you leave a comment, copy and paste an @ for instance, @jlriggs57aol-com, that way I get an email showing that you made a comment.

Through all of what has been going on with the obamacare mess and all the other scandals that has been coming out of this administration where have the constitutionalists or the libertarians been? We need conservatives that are willing to speak out and not let those that would do this country harm get away with it. In my opinion the Tea Partyers are the only ones doing that.

Jason, look around. Do you see anything besides same ol’, same ol’? Right now the only thing that would bring any change is going to be the Tea Party. Do you have to agree with everything they say and do? No. But what are the alternatives, keep voting democrat or republican? At least with the Tea Party a lot of freedoms will return. But if you think that voting for a bad party is the right thing to do because they are for gay marriage, but bring all the other bad stuff with them, then follow your conscience. No one could be asked to do more.

Maybe some “knee” time will help you sort things out.

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Peter T. Burke @peter-t-burke

Left? Right? Conservative? Liberal? Republican? Democrat? Independent?
Tea Party? Bull Moose Party? Socialist Party? Progressive Party? Green Party?

How many people have any idea of where those labels come from or what they actually indicate?

Left=Liberal and Right=Conservative? So Thomas Jefferson (an extreme Liberal) was a Lefty like Adolph Hitler? Hitler was a Socialist, so he wasn’t a nationalist conservative? Adolph Hitler was the leader of the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party”. So in American terms where does that place him in comparison to Barack Obama or George Bush?

Europe is primarily “left-leaning” and fairly liberal, so the general governmental form in Europe isn’t authoritarian socialist democracy?

Considering the origin of the terms “left”and “right” as a description in politics, how does one go to the left from the extreme right? The assertion that the concepts are circular as opposed to linear defies the imagination.

It would certainly help if the political taxonomy were more clearly understood.

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Peter T. Burke @peter-t-burke

@jasongeorgia ; I left a comment on your topic.

@jlriggs57aol-com I am a new comer to Vokalize so I thank you for the tip about bringing someone’s attention to my comment.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


At the risk of pushing my luck I will give you one more tid-bit of advice, wikipedia isn’t always reliable.

Have a great day and I look forward to your comments here and on other topics.

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Peter T. Burke @peter-t-burke


Thank you for your further advice.

Would you please give the name of the source that you have found to always be reliable? I find that I am limited to the various works that are available to me and that some knowledge is generally better than no knowledge at all.

I will be delighted and encouraged when you share that infallible source with me where I can always be assure that every entry is absolute truth and infallible.

Thank you for your kind consideration of the substance of what I wrote.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


I have yet to find a single source of information that is infallible. I may look at several sites that verify each other, then choose the one that I feel is the best of all.

I liked the information you gave, I thought it summed up the confusion a lot of people are having. My personal opinion, what works for me is the group that is trying to make more laws, inhibit the power given to the people, and are trying to make the government bigger are the liberals, the ones trying to do the opposite are the conservatives. I could also throw in that any group that tries to do harm to, alter without amendment, side-step, or rend invalid, Our Constitution is automatically a liberal in my book.

If the Tea Party started attacking Our Constitution I would be totally against them.

I was not ignoring your information, I merely had other things I was doing but wanted to throw a quick answer to your previous comment, for which I clicked like. Now that I have some free time I am able to comment on your information.

Also, I meant no insult to you about not relying on wikipedia and I was, in fact, sincere when I said I looked forward to your comment in the future. If it came across otherwise, I apologize.

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Gary @grand-vizier

Regarding sources Mark Twain said “those who don’t
read newspapers are uninformed,those who do are misinformed”.
I confess,for me the Tea Party works.
Without all the BS the Tea Party Stands for Taxed enough already.
It is being credited with standing for every imagined liberal boogyman they can conjure up out of thin air.
The Libertarians get most of the way but is too isolationist for me at least but until something really changes it’s total folly to vote for them unless you are just ready to keep electing liberal Democrats.
I for one refuse that choice.
The current crop of RINOS are pretty bad but marginally better than the Liberal Democrats we get if we split our votes.
I do not agree with the idea that it’s high minded to vote your ideals an vote for lost causes when it keeps electing Liberals.Ideals are nice but reality is reality.
I call that just mule headed.
The Democrats call it victory.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


Gary, I will echo your words, the Tea Party works for me. We have had decade after decade of the same old song and dance. Both sides doing nothing but growing the government by leaps and bounds and pandering to the Gimmies.

It didn’t work before and it’s not working now. We need to get a Tea Party candidate that will carry the majority of the conservative vote or we run the risk of splitting the vote and ending up with Killary as our next POTUS.

The last thing we need is another liberal or RINO in office, things will just continue on a downhill slide.

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Peter T. Burke @peter-t-burke

Just for fun I posted the results of a Political Spectrum Poll that I am familiar with on my profile as an “update”.

The Political Spectrum Poll links are included with that update.

I have been familiar with this poll since 2009. Many of the respondents have been queried regarding their opinion of where it places them. The vast majority say that it seems about right (except of course those who don’t agree).

There are several other poll spectrum results available there also.

My only problem is that I think it paints me a little too much to the left of where I actually feel I am.

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Coffee Addict @coffeeaddict

@jasongeorgia @grand-vizier @peter-t-burke @jlriggs57aol-com

I think that the politicians on the left and right have gotten a little extreme. But I mean it in a different way than most people I think. I believe that they have become progressive, they all believe in growing the size of government. I am for limited government. I want limited government on all issues: fiscal, moral, health, etc. I want the government out of my life. I want a smaller defense program, I want the constitution.

I would support Rand Paul for President at this current moment.

Peter, I took a political quiz similar to what you are saying it was fun. Here is the link to that quiz if you feel like being entertained, I think everyone on this thread will enjoy it:

Regardless, I think we should support the so called “Extremists” that stand up for our Constitution and want limited government as it was intended by our founders.

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