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@TheSkinnyConfidential first of all, your blog is SO CUTE. I love it!

Second, I completely agree that the FDA would rather be blind and not act to protect us from the dangerous chemicals affected our bodies.

We don’t know the full effects of these chemicals, but we do know that there are unexplainable reasons for rises in diseases and disorders such as the ones you named in your article. 5 years ago, 1 in 150 kids was diagnosed with autism, not 1 in every 50 kids is diagnosed with autism. “The best studies we have now point to things that babies are exposed to in the womb, when the brain is forming,”

Down Syndrome, cancer, and other diagnosis’ are also on the rise. My personal belief is that this is due to technology and the substances we are putting in our bodies through consumption or exposure.

I definitely choose to stay away from BPA products. A couple tips i’ve read for people to avoid BPA is avoiding plastic water bottles with extremely thin plastic. Markets try to sell this to you as being green, or using less plastic helps the earth. But in reality thin plastic leaks BPA into whatever it is packaging.

DO NOT leave your water bottle or anything in plastic in your car when its hot outside, the heat will help the chemicals leak into your water, beverage or food.

If anyone has any other info please share! Thanks

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julie.nouwen @julie-nouwen

Just five companies make BPA in the United States: Bayer, Dow, Hexion Specialty Chemicals, SABIC Innovative Plastics (formerly GE Plastics), and Sunoco
These companies make about 6 billion a year on us

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julie.nouwen @julie-nouwen

I read somewhere and now I can find it. But in the 70’s the government declared BPA and several other chemicals as not so dangerous. And now they can’t regulate it.

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Two Cents @twocents

Great post @TheSkinnyConfidential, and I agree with @Juliaw you have a great blog.

I am a conservative, and I have a very hard time believing our government is 1) competent, and 2) looking out for our best interests. So it doesn’t surprise me that the FDA is having a hard time figuring out what chemicals are affecting our bodies and why. From your article and the little reading I’ve done on the subject it seems to me that any chemicals which we do not know the full effects on our bodies, we should outlaw until they are proven safe. This will force companies to provide research and development funds because obviously they want to keep using these chemicals. Our government seems to adopt the position of it should be proven harmful rather than be proven safe.

@Julie.nouwen interesting points. I am interested if anyone know which campaigns those companies or individuals involved with those companies donate to. Which super pacs they contribute to. This is how we will find out which politicians and government officials are protecting BPA manufacturers and why.

Ill keep digging.

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julie.nouwen @julie-nouwen

I’m sure they cover the Howard and fund both sides.

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julie.nouwen @julie-nouwen

I’m sure they cover the board and fund both sides.

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julie.nouwen @julie-nouwen

I did a little looking and found Bayer’s info. For a list of how and how much they donate to go to Repb donation $85,500 Dem $36,500

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Julia Wotten @juliaw

@Julie-nouwen wow thanks for the info. That is a lot of money for donations. Not surprised at all that they are bribing people.


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@theskinnyconfidential @juliaw @julie-nouwen @twocents thanks for sharing this information. Becoming more healthy, and in particular trying to educate myself about all this food related stuff is a goal of mine in 2014. Your blog the skinny confidential is very nice. Maybe I can start getting some good tips from you. I would definitely like to learn more about genetically modified food. Lots of people say to avoid it, but others say it is safe and that marketing is lie. Hope to see more posts. Thanks

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julie.nouwen @julie-nouwen

@theskinnyconfidential. I found the act that allowed BPA. it called the Toxic Substance Control Act of 1976. TSCA.

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Brian @irie-brian


This Topic reminds me of the GMO issue.
First off, thank you to Lauryn for the info, I always knew BPA was a no go for me, but now I realize that BPA is in a lot more stuff than just water bottles (I need to become even more conscious of not only what I am eating, but also of what that food has been exposed to along the way.) It would make me comfortable to know that Toxins like BPA be banned at least in the food industry.

With that said, This is where I become the devils advocate: There was a past discussion about Mandating GMO foods to be labeled because the consumer has the right to know what they are consuming. In that discussion It seems the consensus was that GMO Labeling would serve a purpose however, mandating its labeling would further infringe on our Liberty. I feel that the consumer has the right to also be aware if they are being poisoned from toxins in their food stuffs from things like BPA’s, however, Outlawing products until they are proven safe sounds a bit too liberal and could be a slippery slope that keeps other GOOD products outlawed along with the bad ones.
I believe, the same way the consumer will demand non Gmo foods, we will demand non BPA food stuffs; It seems if we do our research we will become educated enough to protect ourselves and each other. The FDA is not making the information available enough and should be mandated to be more transparent to the public so that everyone can protect themselves. It is scary to see that Politicians get paid by the companies keeping these products on the market.. Rather outlawing stuff, Why don’t “we the people” regulate the FDA better to ensure their laws are moral; make them serve the people better and create ways to ban lobbyist from influencing Federal programs such as the FDA.

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