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John PharmD @epharmd

I think Ted Cruz is exactly what the GOP needs and deserves as a candidate for President. It will insure their extinction.

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Obama was born on American soil. Get over it!
It is clear Cruz was not. So he does not meet the criteria to run for president.
And maybe he stands for your values but I am sure not for all Americans… He is beyond rude. To have the audacity to accuse a real American hero of treason is beyond me! He would certainly destroy what ever is left of the GOP.

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Holly @hollyacox

I personally love Ted Cruz, and think he would be amazing as President. However, I do not think he should run for this particular position. If he did run, he would essentially be devaluing what he upholds-The Constitution.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

I really didn’t want to debate whether Obama was born in the U.S. or not I was merely showing that there are those who doubt. I am more interested now in why John and Fred feel like Cruz would be the end of the Republican party. Please share more of the information you have that would shed new light on this for me. He seems to be standing strong for Our Constitution and for less government and more freedom for the individual citizen. Hey, I’ve been wrong before. That’s why I like this open forum.

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Two Cents @twocents

@jlriggs57aol-com I agree with @hollyacox that he would be an amazing President if everyone understood his positions better. I think conservatives and libertarians understand his principles, but to the uneducated he comes off a little extreme. For example I listen to a lot of talk radio, and Ted Cruz has a lot of commercials saying “ABOLISH THE IRS.” Now to a person that pays attention and is more right leaning, that message may resonate. But to someone that is less engaged or doesn’t even know about the IRS scandal, or to someone that has a moderate view on taxes and believes we need to be taxed, it sounds like crazy talk. There needs to be more of back story to the “ABOLISH THE IRS” argument. Maybe if he made the case, in a way Americans could understand, and then said abolish the IRS, it would seem less extreme. Running for President you cannot come off as extreme or people will label you as a crazy and you will be ruined before you even start, regardless of your intelligence or the validity of your arguments.

Regarding comments from @epharmd and @fredh I agree if you are referring to the loss of credibility it will create for the GOP. Ted Cruz was born in Canada. The GOP made a HUGE deal about Obama’s birth certificate. If Republicans knowingly endorse Cruz after that long drawn out birth certificate debate, the public will think of us as having zero credibility. If @epharmd and @fredh are referring to Ted Cruz’s principles and positions, I would say they are wrong. But like I said above, I his message isn’t branded well for the politically uneducated and typically disengaged voters that come out for Presidential elections. Isn’t the reality of our situation sad! Thank god for this site!

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

I appreciate the works Two Cents and I agree. I was hoping to get a follow up from John and/or Fred on what brings them to the conclusions they have reached about Ted. To just throw out a few insults then drop it doesn’t allow the rest of us to understand why they feel the way they feel. How can we understand another persons point of view if they never explain it.

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Gary @grand-vizier

First I agree with @jlRiggs57aol-com, a few insults is not worthy of the question.
I met Cruz at CPAC and liked him personally but I did not come away from the meeting thinking he was ready for the Oval office even if he wasn’t born in the USA.
I just don’t think he has the overall level of experience.
Obama is a prime example of someone completely over his head.
This does not mean I would desire a politician of many years for President.
I would like the next President to have demonstrated an ability to run an organisation proficiently and have the ability to see beyond the immediate results of his decisions.
Currently the government rushes from last minute decision to the next crisis caused by the previous decision.
The US government is run like a bunch of kids making a backyard movie without a script and I just think Mr.Cruz is not yet seasoned enought to avoid that trap whether he was born in the USA or not.
I think @TwoCents is correct about the Abolish the IRS impression on the average non participating citizen.
They will think Cruz has his hair on fire.
While I would also like to rid ourselves of the IRS I am pretty sure it won’t happen this way.
I await a candidate who offers 0 based budgeting.
Sounds like my hair’s on fire too I suppose.

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Larry @ldnjr

You’re simply trying to bait those who like Ted and/or are in the group who don’t think Obama should be President. I love Ted and wish he could run in the position of Chief Executive but if he was not born a US Citizen then he cannot nor should he be US President.

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Michelle @mwampole

Put aside the fact that he isn’t even qualified to run for President because he wasn’t born in the US, there is no way I would vote for Ted Cruz.
He in no way stands for my values and he seems bent on turning the US into a Theocracy based on HIS religious beliefs. Contrary to popular right-wing opinions, the US was NOT founded as a “Christian nation”.
So, no. I won’t vote for him.

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Coffee Addict @coffeeaddict

As much as I like Ted Cruz, I am worried about his reputation as being so controversial. He has taken an aggressive stance (see his controversial filibuster) and his way of speaking is very aggressive and he uses a lot of rhetoric. While I like and agree with what he means when he’s speaking, sometimes the way he says it is just too one sided. I think our candidate for President, and our actual President, needs to be a leader not a partisan. In order to do so, you have to be able to communicate effectively to people that disagree with you, and hopefully win over a few hearts and minds so that you can actually make things happen.

Ted Cruz seems to bait his base rather than maintain his base and reach out to a new group of people. I want a candidate who can reach across lines and communicate effectively. He needs to tone down the “one liners” that Republicans think are great and just simply isolate Democrats and Independents. It’s entertaining but he won’t be able to get anything done that way.

@mwampole @ldnjr @grand-vizier @jlriggs57aol-com @hollyacox @epharmd @fredh

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