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Chris Ivan @mrjausa

I first thought maybe Obama was using this as an out. But now the he is having meetings with McCain and others at the Whitehouse trying to get then to convince Congress to suppport action in Syria. The one thing i know Obama has done is took attention off of the many scandals. I have to wonder if this is his ultimate goal, distraction.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@mrjausa, you are a thinker. This is either another diversion or this is where he was headed all along. Can anyone really be as inept as he has been portraying himself?

So we have 2 choices, we can believe that this is all part of a greater plan to rush us into a war that is designed to create a huge amount of animosity and hatred toward the U.S. or he truly is the most incompetent and the most irresponsible president that ever stepped into the White House.

If he ignores Congress, if they vote not to attack, and gives the order to strike Syria, I would also wonder if those receiving the order might simply refuse to follow it. To my way of thinking, if this happened, it would not only keep us from looking like a country of warmongers who will attack anyone who does something we don’t like, it would also be the end of the reign of the worst president this country has ever known.

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Chris Ivan @mrjausa

Great points, James. Another thought came to mind as well. This president has done nothing but continually divide this country. By race, color, creed, wealth, sexual orientation, and so on. So i’m thinking he maybe trying to pull off the same with our military. A frightening thought to say the least. This thought came to me as i was watching social media timelines. Pictures of our military men holding signs covering their faces that read “i didn’t sign up to fight Syria’s civil war. Then later another one appeared, but this time the soldiers face is shown and the sign he’s holding is bashing the previous posts i mentioned. Very troubling if these are legit photos.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@mrjausa, I have seen the pictures you’re talking about and I doubt they are genuine. However, obama has already alienated himself from the military because of Benghazi and a thousand other things he’s done.

Your statement about obama continually trying to divide this country is obviously correct. It’s hard to defeat an entire country if you don’t divide the people and setting them against each other is the way to get the job done without firing a shot.

obama thinks that the majority of Americans are ignorant and are unable to see what he is trying to do, however with the millions who are against him I would say his assessment was highly incorrect. That is not to say that enough have come to the same realization. There are still a lot of folks that still think he is the second coming of the Messiah.

In my opinion he is neither Satan or Savior, he is merely one of the most corrupt, self-serving MEN we have ever encountered. What is the most disturbing part of all of this is that those who do not see him for what he is, which is a charlatan, listen to the words he says, but pay no attention to what he actually does.

Syria, will be just another tool he will use to further his agenda of trying to wreck this country. Do we have a legitimate reason for being there? No. As it stands, is Syria an immediate danger to the U.S.? No. Is there a reason obama wants to push this? Yes. Does anyone know why, for sure? No.

I can only guess about the answer to the last question. Who would be seen as the greatest hero in the Muslim world? The man who would be able to destroy the largest Christian nation in the world and he has the help of the majority of the atheists in this country on his side by pushing issues like abortion and same-sex marriage, issues he knows the Bible speaks against. He is a Muslim and Muslims hate homosexuality so what other reason would he have to push for same-sex marriage?

There are so many ways he is trying to destroy this country and Syria is just another strand in the web he is weaving.

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Tony Bertot @tbertot

I think Obama is a good President and has not been given the opportunity to become even greater by those who seek to represent, not the people, but the corporations and special interest groups the run this country.

I also believe that most of the critics are either racist, narrow minded Republicans or don’t take the time to find out the facts about the issues and are just to stupid or incompetent to care. By the way I am an Republican and agree that Obama is not perfect but he is definitely more competent than Bush, who got into a way we shouldn’t have gotten into. As a result AMERICANS died. But a lot of you don’t care about that because he was Republican and I guess its OK.

Obama pushed through Healthcare Coverage for everyone;

– can’t be denied coverage because of pre-existing conditions
– dependents can remain on the coverage till the age of 25
– people who don’t have healthcare coverage and can afford it will now have to get it. (Tired of my TAXES paying for them when they go into the emergency room).
– no more ceiling on the coverage. (people won’t get bankrupt because of an illness that befell them)
– Healthcare companies will not have to divert a majority of their profits towards wellness care. It’s about time.

Obamacare is NOT perfect but its a step in the right direction. If the Republicans don’t like parts of it then modify it and stop stringing DUMB people along telling them they are going to repeal it.

Thank you and have a healthy life.

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Chris Ivan @mrjausa

@Tony Wow, miss the topic at hand?

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Chris Ivan @mrjausa

@James This Syria war talk is escalating. Now we have GOP members getting in on the action. I see john McCain plays video poker while at war hearing. That’s reassuring. This is a fight we don’t need to be in.

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shane @skennedy

This is a messy situation. There is absolutely no good answer here. Obama drew the line in the sand a year. Syria absolutely ignored it, several times. So with this latest chemical attack Obama and others have said that was enough and something needs to be done! And in my opinion, something does need to be done. I think the rebels are trying to fuel the fire as much as possible because, lets face it…they want us to help force out Assad. That is something we should have no part of. They can kill each other all they want. I believe what needs to be done are the chemical weapons need to be destroyed. Bomb their chem facilities and their means to deliver them. HOWEVER, this should have been done already. If Obama wants Congressional approval then there should have been and immediate emergency hearing called. This hem hawing around waiting weeks later shows our weakness and will ultimately cause any strike at this point nearly useless. By now their chem weapons are more than likely moved and hidden to protect them.

I fear there is going to be long term consequences for Allowing Assad to continually use these types of weapons, knowing that the world condemns them and in turn slaps their wrist and shake their fingers angrily with no real consequences. And it really pisses me off that every one looks to us (USA) to be the lead force in these situations. Many other countries in that region have more interests at stake with whats going on over there than we do. And lets face it….we don’t have a balls to the wall tough President right now. He is much more concerned with “feel good” legislation and social issues. I just don’t think Obama is the right man at the right time, right now for dealing with this.

I will be watching all this unfold very closely, just as I did in 2002. And pray we will be able weather whatever outcome for whichever route Obama decides to take. I just think the window for an effective strike has closed.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@tbertot, even though you are off the subject, I will say this, please take the time to do some research on socialism and what it does to a country’s economy, to it’s people, and especially to where it leads.

@mrjausa, could not agree more, we need to stay out of this one.

@skennedy, clearly we have a president who lacks what it takes to handle the situation as it needed to be handled. I agree we don’t need anyone out there using chemical warfare, the effects are devastating. As you said if he had acted immediately without letting the whole world know what he was going to do we may have had a chance to take out their chemical facilities and their means to deliver them, but that time is long passed. The lack of conviction and intelligence is what put us in this situation and now he wants to make, what will be, a totally ineffective strike.

As to the rest of the world looking to the U.S. to take the lead in situations like this, there used to be a reason for it. It used to be that when there was someone or some group that was threatening to do harm on a mass scale, who else would you want at the forefront except the greatest, most powerful nation in the world. Not that we haven’t had some missteps. Countries in crisis used to see the U.S. as a force to be dealt with, but given our current leadership and the way he has already botched this up, I would say the confidence level of that expectation is severely damaged.

As for obama being focused on “feel good” legislation and social issues, you could not be more correct. Tell the people you will give them everything and their eyes slam shut to everything else, like the total mishandling of situations like this. The bad part is that those who want to get the “free” stuff will back him all the way.

I will be interested, and nervous, to see what his next move will be. God help us if he handles this the way he has everything else.

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Tony Bertot @tbertot

My apologies to everyone. I should not have brought Obamacare into this mix.

With regards to Syria; I believe Obama was wrong to vocalize the Red Line point with the use of Chemical warfare. But let me put this question to all of you; Should we, as the leader of the free world, do nothing?

NATO is useless as long as Russia and China have anything to do with it. They would do the same to their people and surely would not like us to attack Syria for their use of WMD. Note: Syria has used these chemical weapons more the 10 times already.

England is out of it because they don’t want another repeat of Iraq; that is what their representatives said. Thanks Bush.

So, if Congress says “NO” (which they usually do because they’ll do anything to make Obama look bad). Than Obama should stay out of Syria. But note this Congress doesn’t care about our people either so I would really be surprised if they say “yes”.

Just venting.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@tbertot, don’t worry about the obamacare thing. No harm done.

Tony, if you are a liberal you are an odd one. First, you said obama was wrong, then you said “should we, as the leader of the free world”. Those are two strange things for a liberal to say. Let me say that you were right on both.

There are dozens of countries that abuse, maim, torture, and/or kill their own people. Is it our place to go into each of these countries and stop them from doing this? This whole situation is obama’s doing, he’s the one that opened his mouth and threw down the gauntlet.

We have a few questions that need to be answered before we do anything. Do we know for sure that it wasn’t Al Qaeda that used the gas and if we oust Assad that we wouldn’t be opening the door for an Al Qaeda take over, which would be worse for the Syrian people?

Depending on which point of view you see it from, obama doesn’t need Congress to make him look bad, he does a good enough job of that all on his own.

Venting means you’re human, we all vent. Thinking people can vent, then smile. :)

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Tony Bertot @tbertot

@jlriggs57@aol-com You obviously do not like Obama and whatever he does is wrong. I agree that he screwed up in Syria, that he shouldn’t of made the comment of the red line. So no matter what I say in his defense you would stand against him as do many in Congress; mostly Republicans.

I see Obama as a decent man who when he saw the atrocities the Syria President release on his people, got angry and lashed out. If I was in his position I would have been angry too and if I had the power to bring the person responsible to justice would have done so in a heartbeat.

You say he is the worse president in our time. So I guess Bush must be your hero. Bush the President who got us into Iraq resulting in the death of AMERICANS, because of his own selfish reasons and not wanting to listen to others and make his father proud. I don’t Obama is the greatest president of our times but he sure as hell isn’t the worse. He has done some good things and would have done more if not for a Congress who from the start has made up their mind that they were going to stop him.

Syria is a sad affair; no matter how it comes out and yes Obama screwed up. But I am proud that he is our President, even though I didn’t vote for him because I know a good man when I see one.

Bush and the Cheney mongrels screwed this country royally and we are still paying for it but the blinds ones refuse to take notice or to take blame as most of them point the finger to others and never take responsibility for their corrupt ways.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@tbertot, This is off topic, but I feel there are a few things I should clear up. I am not a republican. If I were to classify myself it would probably be libertarian. I was no fan of Bush or any president for a long, long time. Maybe Teddy Roosevelt, maybe.

What I am against is anyone who would tell me that Our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights are out dated and should be tossed out with yesterdays trash. No, obama has not said these words, but Tony, actions speak louder than words. He has tried to take away our Right to Bear Arms, 2nd Amendment. He has tried to have certain news channels censored, tried to silence EPA workers, 1st Amendment. He has abused use the Executive Authority in manners that it was not to be used, just to push his own agenda’s. He betrays his oath of office every time he attempts to usurp the authority of Our Constitution. He is trying to give criminals a pathway to citizenship, when there aren’t enough jobs for those who were born here. He is speaks of women having abortions like they are having a mole removed. The list goes on, but I will finish with this, in the guise of helping people his true intention is to make the people of this country dependent on the government. Once this gets a foothold, which is what obamacare is really all about, it will be a very short step to socialism and that I will not stand for.

I do not dislike him because he is black. I do not dislike him because he is a democrat or any other reason anyone can create in their minds. I dislike him because he is trying to systematically dismantle our nation and remove the freedom that we have had for over 200 years.

I asked you before to take the time and do some real, honest research into socialism and how it affects a country’s economy and it’s people. It has never been successful anywhere, for the citizens, only for those in power. Socialism never builds up, it only tears down. I will ask you again, please take the time to research it. If you find that you like the socialist way, then we will just have to agree to disagree.

I do not hold any ill will for what anyone chooses to believe, they have the right to believe whatever they want. It’s guaranteed in Our Constitution, long may it stand.

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Tony Bertot @tbertot

@jlriggs57aol-com, First of all let me say that I am glad you are not a racist and that you simply don’t like Obama because of what you think he is doing wrong. For that I respect and salute you. It’s refreshing to find someone like you.

With regards to the Rights to Bear Arms. I countless of speeches Obama DEFENDED the rights to bear arms. Do YOUR search. He is advocating; background checks, removal of military style weapons, preventing criminals from being able to purchase weapons etc. I support all of these. NRA representative said that a background check on the kid who killed kids would not have prevented him from getting the weapon. However, if the weapon wasn’t available many more might have lived.

With regards to abortion. Obama is against abortion however he advocates the right for the WOMAN to make the decision and NOT the GOVERNMENT. You can’t have it both ways. Let GOD deal with the woman. That’s where I see a lot of religious hypocrites thinking they have the right to dictate how people should act and live while they advocate violence in the name of GOD.

With regards to the path to citizenship. Give me a break. I don’t see many Americans taking the jobs these immigrants are willing to do. If they did immigrants wouldn’t stand a chance on getting a job. Don’t have to be a genius to see that.

I am not 100% in support of the path to citizenship but what really gets me is how in the world can these kids have attended our schools without being challenged. We are as much fault of allowing this. There should be laws in place to prevent illegal citizens from attending our schools. The cycle will continue until this issue is addressed.

If all you do is go to sites that are totally against this president then you will find a lot of material against him. However, if you open your mind and really think on what he has to gain and what those who are saying the things you state he is doing you will see the truth.

With regards to Socialism. I understand you stand on Obamacare but do you know the reason behind its implementation? The Healthcare companies were raising their rates and making huge profits on the back of AMERICANS. Medicare was going rampant with abuse costing millions to us.

So what is the solution. Oh Government please help us; we are paying through the nose. That’s why Obamacare came about. FIND OUT THE FACTS. Yes it is a step towards Socialism though it is a long way away from there. And I too am totally against going there. But the Healthcare industry had to be stopped and this is probably the best plan put forward. It is not perfect, nor is Social Security, Medicare or Medicade but it has helped millions of Americans (including myself (now retired)).

I respect your thoughts and really want to know in detail what you find wrong with Obamacare as I feel that as intelligent as you are you are misinformed.

Obama is not perfect and I think if he had spent another four years in the Senate he would have been more mature in the underhanded way politics works and would have been a better president.

I don’t think we should go into Syria, you have convinced me of that as you have convinced me that it was his mishandling of the situation that brought us to this point in time.

Best regards.

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Jenny Whyte @jwhyte

I understand both views on the situation, and actually want to do more research so I can have a well educated answer. HOWEVER, it is important for everyone to understand the position that Obama is in. If roles were reversed, and a country had told us without a doubt that if ANY chemical weapons were used on our mothers fathers and children, that they would take action and help our country an then retracted their promise, how worried and upset wold you be? Although Obama feels a moral obligation to stand by his word, he also cannot get us into another country. Then there is Congress who mostly consists of conservative old republican men who defy everything Obama stands for so Obama is between a rock and a hard place. Try and see both sides before calling the president a socialist liar James L. Riggs

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Brian @irie-brian

What the American government is sticking their hands into is beyond my understanding, however, I did recently hear some insight about war from a veteran military Chaplin. He served during world war 2, Vietnam, and end of Cold War. This man said, one thing he has learned is that Americans are really bad at minimal warfare, Looking through history all of our true success happen when we commit to total war. We had reason to go into Iraq now we see reason to go into Syria but before we commit to war we must decide if we are willing to go all in. If we try to help enforce or regulate policy, we better be ready for total war. Government needs to keep their, mouths shut concerning other countries business unless we are ready to actually declares war instead of sending troops over to foreign countries while not ever letting American citizen feel impact of its country being at war. War ends human life, it is not a small deal, we must be prepared for it, not just stumble into it thinking we are powerful enough to check every country in our path without suffering major reprucusions.

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shane @skennedy

I realize I am surely the minority here. But Iraq continues to be interjected into this debate. I agree that Iraq was certainly not a success. But the blame for that war in my opinion lies upon the U.N. and Saddam Hussein. The U.N. was imposing flimsy sanctions to a dictator that clearly has used W.M.D.s in the past and he continually defied U.N. regulations and sanctions. But flash forward….here we are again another sandbox doing the same thing. These people there could care less about U.N. regulations. The world has a whole, generally condemns the use of these weapons. Does Syria care? nope. And Iran, Russia and China seems to be ok with it too. So do we stand or do we sit back and watch? We have to be on one side of the fence or the other. We can’t draw lines in the sand then do nothing when that line is crossed. If we’re not going to be a force of power in this world, then we should shut the hell up and be a benched player like Canada. Obama was right to do draw a line, but you better have the balls to follow though if you do. So now in turn, it is US that has had the red line drawn against! Russia and Iran both said that we will be the one’s who will pay the price if we attack, whether it be an air strike or 2, or all out bombing. So it seems we’re being bullied into allowing chemical weapons to be used freely. But I think Obama bit off more than he can chew. He should have been more consistent. can’t let them get by with “some” chem weapons attacks but bot others. as I said before….he missed the window for a successful attack. The U.N. is weak and will not provide support for their own rules and regulations and there is now way this will be pulled off with only France on board. so for now we are better off not showing our backbone. For we as Americans seem to be lacking one, You can guarantee Russia and Iran will boast their strength in deterring us. hope it doesn’t it bite us on the ass in the future.

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Damien Christian @djc91ua

I actually believe Obama is the type of person that likes to please others especially his base. That is the interesting part of this equation. Will his base loyally support him like they have until now or oppose the possible war like they with Bush? That is the drama I will find appealing.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@jwhyte, obama said he didn’t know the situation in Benghazi was as critical as it was, he did and it was proven he did, so did Hillary. He said that obamacare would be cheap and it has been proven it will be expensive. Why do you think congress and the unions have had themselves exempted. When he took his oath of office he swore to defend Our Constitution, since he has been in office he has tried to dismantle it and Our Bill of Rights.

Was my statement wrong in saying he is a liar. No. He has been proven a liar by the simple fact that he has lied, many, many, times.

obamacare is socialism, plain and simple. Do not fend for yourself, let the government take care of you. Let the government clothe you, feed you, provide you with a place to live, let the government see to your health needs. What do you think socialism is? He has been preaching and pushing socialism since he’s been in office.

Jenny, I have no regrets in calling obama a socialist liar, because that’s what he is.

These “old conservative republican men”, I assume you’re not including the RINO’s, are going against all the things that have been introduced that are designed to tear away at Our Constitution.

This will be hard for some to understand, but when a person takes an oath, it means that you will do, with all your might, whatever you have sworn to do. Everyone who has gained a political office or has joined the military swore an oath to defend Our Constitution. Those “old conservative republican men” are the only ones who are actually living up to the oath that they took. If any of those who took that oath and are not defending Our Constitution, they are liars and should be removed from office for betraying the oath they took.

America is not the world police. There are many countries who abuse, maim, torture and kill their own people, which I have stated before. Should we go after all of them and make them fall into line with what we want them to do. Is this really what America is, the bully on the block that tells the other countries that they will live like we say, think like we say, and treat their people the way we say, or we will declare war on them.

Listen, I don’t want anyone to be abused, tortured, or killed, it is the highest level of wrong I can think of. I wish this never, ever happened anywhere. There are things we can do to help fight this. We can stop all trade with countries that do these kind of atrocities, start with cutting off any trade with them, if that doesn’t work, stop doing business with the countries that do business with the offending countries. Why are we having anything to do with Syria, why haven’t we cut them off a long time ago? There are a lot of things that could be done, but being the world police simply is not our job.

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Brian @irie-brian

The real question is, as citizens of the USA, whom of us are willing to fight and die for this cause? We can bicker about what is right or wrong, however when it comes down to it, if your as an individual are not willing to put your own life on the line for this cause, who do you expect to do it? Furthermore, what kind of human pushes an agenda that they themselves wouldn’t commit their lives to? Basically I’m saying, those who want To go to Syria, should enlist and be the soldiers who will die for this cause, otherwise stop electing innocent Americans soldiers to be your war mercenaries.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@irie-brian, could not agree more, every time a president gets us involved in a war our soldiers have no choice but to do as ordered. I would like to see the family members of those in congress who vote to go to war, and the family members of the president and vice president, who are of the proper age, be the first ones to be trained and sent to war. I would bet we would not be involved in other country’s business as much as we are now.

My dad was a Viet Nam vet. He said, Nam was unnecessary and he held no grudge against those that went to Canada.

If we have to go to war we should be in it, to win it. That’s where, he said, the country failed it’s soldiers and that went for Korea, too.

On a side note, if any of my previous posts sounded like a rant in any way I apologize, it was not my intent. But I guess I did feel a little offended when someone said there was no basis for my opinion, when in fact there is plenty to base my opinion on.

This forum is for discussion, not to insult each other, I don’t mind being called out on something as long as the person doing the calling, has information to show I am wrong. I have, most definitely, been wrong before.

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Brian @irie-brian

@jlriggs57aol-com : Your father sounds like a smart man with humility. I agree that America needs to be in it to win it. I will add that whether it be a righteous cause or not, if we get into it, we must be ready to win it. Your example of Vietnam is very relevant; from my understanding, Vietnam ended so poorly because we were not prepared for that terrain, furthermore we backed out before we accomplished our goals. It seems some feel resources are all we need to accomplish goals, however I feel that a proper plan of action and much humility could better achieve these goals than merely dumping uncountable amounts of human life and tax payer dollars into a cause until it is fixed. Also, I fear Obama thinks this is an easy decision, when infact he likely will not still be in office to finish the feud he has already started.

Next question is, did we let more than one cat out the bag by threatening aggression to a nation backed by Russia?
“Syria welcomes the Russian proposal out of concern for the lives of the Syrian people, the security of our country and because it believes in the wisdom of the Russian leadership that seeks to avert American aggression against our people,” al-Moallem said during a visit to Moscow, where he held talks with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.

It sounds to me that Russia is speaking of us as an enemy to their allies. I am saddened by this issue for the Obama supporters have turned us into an enemy of the Syrian people. The crazier thing that I do not understand is, why are we aiding a rebellion that could easily be hijacked by other organizations such as al Qaida? Also, Obama has now put Russia in position to become the hero whom will later defend its”loyal” ally, Syria.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@irie-brian, I believe that he let enough out of the bag to get Russia’s guard up and also give them the opportunity to step in and become the peacemaker in this, maybe. Everything that has been done so far seems to have been done backward, possibly on purpose. Since the bust up of the USSR, Russia has been very low-key. I can’t quite figure if they see a chance to still be hailed as a world power or if this was set up to throw them a proverbial bone. With the way things are going it’s hard to make even an educated guess.
I will just have to give this one a shrug.

When we have an administration that is playing both ends and the middle of the field at the same time it’s hard to get a bead on things. Then again maybe that’s the whole idea.

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Kris Cope @kris-cope

@tbertot This Healthcare Coverage you claim is so great is going to economically destroy this country and Obama knows that. I suggest you go and read about all the companies having to lay off a huge number of employees and about all the American who have multiple degrees working part-time minimum wage jobs.

September 25, 2013

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austin.perdew.98 @austin-perdew-98

Barack Obama and his regime have been funding and proliferating jihadi ideology for years. No, I don’t think Barack Obama is a muslim, and I don’t demand to see his birth certificate because it doesn’t matter, he is only one part to the problem but he and John McCain (it is a bipartisan attack on the middle east) are working towards the same goal. ISIS is out of control and it is solely due to inaction of those who could have acted and the help of western powers. When will america learn that it can not create terrorists and expect things to go well. Should america attack people in Syria? yes. But unfortunately the american agenda is to destabilize the secular governments in the middle east with terror the likes of which have never been seen before and gain the fringe benefits from that such as stricter TSA “security” which means more molestation and groping, more NSA spying, more destruction and death. This 4th of July, think about if you are really proud to be american with all of these things happening. If you can recognize these atrocities and still feel patriotic to adorn yourself in symbols of this regime then that is your choice but I for one can’t stand for it.

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Crystal Litz @crystallitz

He must have some plan which is good for both US and Syria.

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Roberto Ventura @roberto-cavazos-08

It is too risky for the United States to attack Syria, just imagine the whole problem that could generate, that country is surrounded by nations which actually blame U.S.A. For their problems, they could react and retaliate if United States dare to enter the region, of course China and Russia will not allow it at the Security Council, and, of course, they can take deliberate actions to drive back the U.S from there.

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