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@watchdog Thanks for posting this information. I think its a great discussion to have. First let me say, that I am not Obama fan, and I am definitely not a fan of government spending over seas. I think we should focus on our own people before others around the world.

That being said, I did some research about your discussion post and this is what I found.

Yes, technically the Obama administration is spending money over seas on rebuilding and restoring mosques. But according to most of the reports, this program was first created in the 2000’s under Bill Clinton, and started spending the money over seas during the Bush administration. Allegedly, the program not only goes towards funding Mosques, but also goes towards restoring all sorts of cultural sites including churches, cathedrals, and other monuments related to various religions and cultures. This is coming from which gives the statement a “True” rating but goes on to explain that while its true, claiming that Obama is the sole responsible administration and that only Mosques are being restored is quite misleading. See the full article HERE:

Towards the end of the Fact Check article they bring up the specific video you posted explaining that some of the money was spent on the Mosque but it was also spent on a cathedral and some other projects.

I personally don’t think we should spend the money. Although I do believe that claiming it is all Obama’s fault is unfair to Obama. While he makes many mistakes, and I disagree with him 90% of the time, this is not his doing.

This problem, to me, indicates a much greater issue: Government as a whole. No matter which side seems to be in power, they all seem to spend our money recklessly. I’d like to see that money spent on restoring some American families. Let the other nations decide if they want to restore cultural sites. Or at least leave it up to an International organization which can ask for equal contributions from participating nations. Its ridiculous that the taxpayers of America are solely responsible for cultural sites of the world.

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