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The science is still out on whether or not GMOs can harm you. However, people actively participating and getting out there with a message in a peaceful way is always a commendable effort. Our freedoms to peaceably assemble and voice our opinions are a cornerstone of a civilized society!

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Health effects of GMO’s are unknown and perhaps negligible, but that doesn’t change the countless environmental/economic effects!! GMO’s inhibit biodiversity, they monopolize the industry, and they take power away from farmers and natural growers. Its pretty crazy how much power companies like monsanto have over what we eat! That scares me above all else.

If you aren’t concerned with minor nutritional details, you should be concerned about the agricultural industry and the overbearing presence that monsanto has in it!

I completely support this march.

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Abby Lohman @abbylohman

First off, I am a farmer. A proud, small operation family farmer, who fully supports GMO research and crops. Farming is an expensive and risky business. We are responsible for growing enough food to feed enough people while doing so with less and less land every year. GMO’s are a WONDERFUL thing when it comes down to the simple truth: people need food.

Genetically modified crops allow farmers to grow MORE food on LESS land. We will eventually have to feed a population of 9 billion people and GMO’s are a great way to start.

Fun fact: if GMO labeling was required, everything in the grocery store would bear this label. We’ve been using technology and gene manipulation for many years, and it’s been successful. Our crop yields are higher than ever.

When you talk about Monstanto having all this power over farmers… who do you think we get our seed from? Monsanto supports us, and we support them. If GMO’s are banned the majority of US farmers will be out of the job, and American’s will be out a food source. Note: the United States has THE world’s safest food supply.

Technology is a beautiful thing. I fully support using it in the agriculture industry.

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Abby, I am not taking sides on this issue, because quite frankly, I don’t know much about it, but I would like to ask you a couple of questions if I may.

I could not agree more that there needs to be more land for farming. If more land could be attained for farming, say in the Dakotas or Wyoming, which have a lot of land a very few people, would that solve the problem without having to use GMO’s?

If you personally, had more land, three times, would you stop using seeds with GMO or would you keep using them and just triple your harvest?

If they discovered that GMO’s caused something like diabetes, cancer, or heart disease, would you continue to use those seeds for the sake of profit?

Lastly, do you know farmers who would continue to use the seeds even if the seeds caused severe illness?

I realize I’m kind of putting you on the spot, but I’m just curious.

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