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Christopher Chesny @chrischesny

Shark Tank. Good Blog…

As for the pleading the Fifth, saying you’re innocent and then doubling back to then plead the Fifth seems to only raise suspicions, and could still only come back to bite you in the end. Regardless, if this is how the IRS is going to handle this issue, then they are only going to make it worse for themselves from here.

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Jordan Bosstick @jordan-bosstick

@ChrisChesny @TwoCents It is SO frustrating that they wont just give us honest answers. I just want to know exactly what happened and who was in charge. I can’t stand the games they are playing with the American people. The Benghazi hearing was even more frustrating though I have to say.

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Jacob Leisher @jacob-l

@Jordan Bosstick – in a situation like this you have no choice but to plead the 5th….. and wait until an order of court to testify.

Everybody has the right to protect themselves from self-incrimination….

Denying or scrutinizing this person of inserting their rights would be hypocritical…

The true problem we have is that when a scandal like this breaks…. some ‘hearing’ is conducted…then they plead the 5th…. and its another hearing….

IT SHOULD BE THE COURT OF LAW, WITH A JURY OF THEIR PEERS…. right?? This isn’t some affair in their marriage… this is a violation of law and discrimination….no different then auditing blacks more thoroughly than whites or vice versa….

Just another example of turning over even more authority to the government….

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She had every right to plead the 5th, but it just further illustrates the culture of corruption pervasive in this administration.

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Ali @aakbar

I don’t think we need public servants who aren’t willing to testify to the Oversight Committee in Congress. We live in a legislative supremacy. Shame on her for not being more forthright.

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Jackie Wellfonder @jlwellfonder

Shame on her indeed! And what is with her introductory statement? Is she pleading the fifth or not? It will be interesting to see if she ended up actually waiving her rights and has to testify after all. I have to say, I’m okay with her getting immunity if it means we get answers and she names names, because there sure as hell are a lot of players in this game.

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