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@Gregory I agree with you that leadership is our current problem in America. Barack Obama is the most divisive President in our history. I would love to hear the Democrats tell us how Barack Obama makes the Republicans feel like their opinion matters? Or make them feel that he cares about us AT ALL. If you have a second, go check out Obama’S Twitter. He constantly bashes Republicans, in a fashion that is beneath the office of President of the United States of America. A true leader doesnt get down in the mud with the pigs. He completely alienates the American people that disagree with him. I don’t feel that he cares about me at all. How can I even listen to him when I don’t believe he even cares about my interests?

This is also a problem on the global scale. No dictators are afraid of BHO. They all think he is a joke. That is why they are all becoming emboldened and starting to spin out of control.

Barack Obama is not a leader, he is partisan, divisive, and does not honor the Presidency with class.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@gregory, @twocents, The statement that obama has been successfully pulling this country apart is exactly what he’s been trying to do since he got in office.

As I have said before you can not conquer a people who are united for the cause of liberty. However, as everyone knows, it is easy to conquer a people who are divided. He has worked his magic, cast his spell, and divided us. Conservatives against liberals, the gimmies against those who work, and blacks and whites.

“He is charismatic, charming, a good motivational speaker, he finds weaknesses in groups and talks to those weaknesses. He used excessive rhetoric to gain the love of the masses. He is loved by many and hated by many.”

If the above words seem familiar, it is because these were the words used to describe Adolf Hitler. It is amazing how both had the ability to sway a multitude of people into believing that his intentions were to make things better when in fact they both, were and are, deceiving the very people who worshiped them.

No matter where in time we find ourselves there will always be sheep that will follow the wolf.

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Stuart @slava

I’m left of the Democratic Party so I have no dog in this fight. Despite my left-wing beliefs I don’t think Obama is a good leader at all. He’s as poor a president as George W. Bush. The amount of hope when he took office was incredible. It was like nothing I’ve ever seen in Canada. We thought he was going to right all the “ills” of the Republicans, but he has proven to be divisive, pandering and heavy-handed. I hate to say it but the US hasn’t had a good leader since Reagan’s first term. Too bad the power went to his head and by his second term he was offering arms to the Contras under the table. But that’s another story. Reagan gave America the belief in itself that it needed after the failed presidencies of Carter, Ford and Nixon.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@slava, You describe yourself as being left of the democrats. Maybe my translation of that is a little off but it sounds to me like you are saying is that you are more liberal than the liberal democrats which scares me a little. I didn’t know there was a level of liberalism above the democrats.

Having said that, I commend you on your ability to see obama for what he is. Along with that I would like to ask you. if you are more liberal than our democrats, whose goal is to turn America into a socialist country, what do you feel are the positives in living in a socialist country as opposed to living in a free country?

This may seem to be putting you on the spot, which is not my intention, but I have always wanted to know what the thinking is behind socialism. It has failed in every country that has it, the tax burden on the citizens is overwhelming and the people do not have the ability to protect themselves.

I would truly love to know how socialism is a better form of government than the constitutional government that we have in America.

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Stuart @slava

Hi. I don’t believe Obama is trying to turn the US into a socialist country. I believe most democracies have varying degrees of social policy that protect the poor, the weak and the disenfranchised. I think with Obamacare, Obama is simply trying to inject a little compassion into American government.

I wouldn’t call myself a socialist, more of a social democrat, however I believe you would probably call me a socialist given your fascist bent.

I strongly object to your implication that a socialist country is not free. I think what you’re referring to is communism which definitely failed. As I said, I’m more a proponent of social democracy along the lines of Sweden, Denmark or Norway. Those countries have big government, strong social programs and free elections. There is no doubt the tax burden in those countries is considerable, however, they seem to make it work, especially if you use quality of life indexes as an indicator.

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Stuart @slava

@James L. Riggs

One thing I forgot to address is your contention that socialist countries have no means to protect themselves. I believe you’re referring to guns and that people need guns to protect themselves from the government. If I’m wrong in my assumption I apologize. Anyway, I think that guns do nothing other than cause huge societal problems and are responsible for countless unnecessary deaths. The United States has a frightening amount of gun deaths compared to other first world countries. The US is also unique in its distrust of government which I believe goes back to the overthrow of the British. Most countries don’t have this level of government distrust and don’t have the need for guns. Personally, I think the safest way to keep governments in check is to have educated people and to have this, a strong public education system is important.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@slava, Thank you for voicing your opinion in an intelligent way instead of all emotion and name calling, you have no idea how refreshing that is.

I wasn’t talking about protecting ourselves from the government, which is also very true though, I was actually talking about the everyday person sitting in their home doing, whatever and one or more criminals break into their home carrying illegal guns, which can be bought in any country, with the intent to kill the occupants and steal whatever they can find. In America you can get your gun and defend yourself, in gun banned countries you can get killed and that’s all you can do. I’ve tried to look at this from different angles but I still don’t see how not being able to defend yourself is a good thing.

The second point I would like to address is the amount of gun deaths in America. Our own FBI has stated that there are more violence and murders committed in the United States with knives than guns. Given this information I would ask why other countries find our level of gun usage frightening, yet nothing at all is said about our even higher usage of knives?

As a matter of opinion I do not believe the rest of the countries in the world do not mistrust their government. In countries where a very large portion of your income is taken away from you, there is no animosity and mistrust? I will just have to say that we will agree to disagree, as for instance Sweden’s income taxes are at 50%, if my research is correct. Where is your motivation to trust a government that takes half of everything you make, and that’s just Sweden.

Ask yourself this question, If the rest of the world sees America as this, old west, shootem’ up, blood running in the streets, kind of country, why do millions cross our borders illegally and why do we have millions LEGALLY requesting to come here?

Another point I would like to speak on is that there is freedom, the same freedom we have in the U.S,, in socialist countries. I will start with the least of the offenses perpetrated on their citizens, it is no secret that socialist news media is censored heavily when it comes to internal issues, the only group that censors heavier are the communist nations.

Now, about the worst case scenario of socialism. Adolf Hitler was not a communist he was a socialist, he hated the communists almost as much as he hated the Jews. I don’t think I need to repeat what he did to his own people either killing them or putting them in an unnecessary war they couldn’t win.

You said that socialism can be meted out in degree’s and I feel I have shown a fair range in that spectrum, media censorship and complete take over. I don’t know how to show a broader scale so please bear with me.

You say that with education you can control socialism. What if, whoever is in power at the time, and yes this is hypothetical, decides that he no longer wants to let the people have a vote and further decides that he will simply become “Ruler”, so he informs his military that as leader of the country they will do as he says. Now we are right back to the scenario of the people’s house being broken into, they can do nothing. They must simply accept what has happened and hope the ruler will be kind to them.

If my saying you were a socialist seemed as if it were meant to insult you, I apologize. Somehow when I think democrat, I think socialist. I guess because they are always pushing for bigger government. No insult was intended.

Actually, I hope you will overlook my poor wording and continue our discussion.

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When we talk about the high quality of life in the Socialist countries mentioned in this discussion, you have to agree that the tax burden on the citizens is gross. I would like to through this out, think about what the tax rates would be in these Socialist countries if they had to provide the military required to maintain this “Quality of Life”?

The Citizens of the United States are the most generous people in the World and without them Norway, Finland, Sweden and many other Socialist leaning nations would be speaking German right now. Also, without the generosity of American people millions more people would be suffering from the natural disasters that occur every year.

Whether you liked the decision President Bush made to into Iraq, he was nowhere near as divisive as President Obama. I still believe the majority of Americans would have done the same thing President Bush did if in his situation after the attack of 9/11. Hind site is always 20/20. Even Hilary Clinton and John Kerry agreed with his decision.

It was very obvious to people that were not wearing the Obama goggles that he was not ready to lead this great nation. From day one it was obvious he and Michelle wanted to mold this country after the Socialist governments of Europe. He believed everyone should be equal (except for the elite inner circle).

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Damien Christian @djc91ua

@gregory You are absolutely correct. Love him or hate him (and his laws), there is no argument that Bush worked with both sides to try to get things done: ex. No Child Left Behind was push with an incredible amount of bipartisan support and his Medicare bill had bipartisan support too.

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@gregory I agree with you … There are lack of leadership in Problems cause they had a Lot of burdens ..

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@gregory @jlriggs57aol-com @djc91ua @slava @twocents

I dont think President Obama is a good leader. I think his speeches from 2008 lead people to believe he would be a good leader. I think his speeches did not match up with his actions though. And now his actions and speeches are both dull and full of rhetoric which is dividing our nation.

I wish President Obama had more integrity and would speak out about the things that matter. He is not leading he is pandering. He is telling people what they think they want to hear rather than making the true case, or rallying people as you mentioned above, to get behind policies that make sense for this country.

He was able to rally people behind Obamacare using lies and promises that were completely impossible. Imagine if he actually tried to rally people around the truth and the power of the free market? He could accomplish great things. Socialism is an empty, boring promise. After it continues to fail, people get tired of preaching about it and supporting it. Eventually they will either become so apathetic to his words they will ignore him, or they will rally against him. I hope we rally against him.

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I think the President is a great leader. He is fundamentally against letting people live regular lives. He feels it is his duty to help those who have not earned anything in their lives to achieve an ‘American Dream’. He can’t really argue with those who have earned their ‘American Dream’ but whether or not you see his Presidency fruitful, it is what we have to endure for the next few years. I’d like to see him stick to his Agenda and beliefs further down the road. If not it will mar his efforts now. I think it should be pretty interesting.

But, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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