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Jack @jack

Obama should not approve the keystone XL pipeline. It will hurt our environment, and will only create 35 (yes, 35) permanent jobs in the US. He should reject the pipeline, claim some environmental moral authority and propose a global cap and trade system for carbon emissions to the UN. The best way to make sustainability a reality is to make it profitable.

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Pamela Perkins @pamela

Jack, it’s people like you who are keeping this country from going forward. You liberals have all but destroyed this country. Just look what has happened under the liberal agenda. The pipeline must go forward in order to supply this country with enough oil to keep prices down and people in jobs.

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Julia Wotten @juliaw

@Pamela “us liberals” are trying to bring some facts into this conversation. The problem with you Republicans, is that you like to over exaggerate the truth, ignore the facts, and create hysteria while ignoring anything that should actually cause hysteria. To explain, as @jack mentioned, the Keystone XL pipeline will only create 35 permanent jobs. Jack sited politifact as a source, but here is the original source straight from the State Department report specifically on the Keystone Pipeline:

and here is an article which sums it up if you dont want to read the full report:

Republicans initially argued that the Keystone XL pipeline would create 20,000 jobs, a little off the mark if you ask me.

Operations for the Keystone XL pipeline would only require 50 people. You could argue that 50 is better than zero, but at what cost to the environment? I find it interesting that the Republicans often choose to ignore numbers pushed out by the government, specifically jobs numbers, any scientific reports on climate change, etc etc, but now that one report on the surface is in their favor they are holding it up as if its the holy bible. Here’s an article explaining that the State Department report may be completely flawed:

All I am asking for is that you give the state department report on the Keystone pipeline the same scrutiny you give other governmental reports that are not in your favor.

As for @asheschowdc original question: I do not think Obama should approve the Keystone Pipeline on his own, I think there are a few reasons for this. One, his supporters do not agree with it. The 6 Democrats you mentioned that voted for the pipeline are up for reelection. You can bet that most of their supporters will be lobbying against the pipeline, and most of their donors will as well. So I dont see them going against their base in an election year.

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