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Christopher Chesny @chrischesny

Absolutely 100% support! I am in in the oil patch here in OK, and to block this is the height of folly on our government’s part.

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@epharmd trans canada has taken new measures to ensure safety such as encasing the pipeline in cement in certain areas as well as securing a $100 million dollar bond for any possible emergency and clean up. and not all oil goes to cars, it is used for a ton of other things. the oil is going to be used and profited from regardless of whether or not we build it so it might as well help us instead of china or other countries looking to profit and benefit from it

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John PharmD @epharmd

In a spill of tar sands oil in MI in 2010, the clean up cost is approaching $1,000 Million ( Billion), a little more than $100 Million.

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John H H @oneifbyland

Administrations of both parties have said in every State of the Union speech (that I can remember) that we should be energy independent. Green energy isn’t there yet. Perhaps fund the R & D (x prize style)….but not unproven industries. Keystone should be built. I would rather my hard earned dollars support a close ally than a government that doesn’t share our values or intends us harm.

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Chris @runner2175

I agree with the points JohnHH Raised. We are not to the point where green energy is a viable replacement for gasoline. We should fund the pipe line and use the savings we get by being self reliant of outside fuel sources to continue the research. Not only will the pipe line work towards energy independence but it will provide new jobs that are desperately needed here as well.

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Drill away. I think that about sums it up.

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Julia Wotten @juliaw

Nay! We need to make sure we are protecting the Environment. The government has said numerous times that they are not sure that this will not damage our environment. The pipeline runs over thousands of miles, how do we know that if there is a leak it won’t damage precious ecosystems. Lets let the government conduct thorough investigations, then we can build the pipeline if there are NO environmental concerns. However this is difficult because oil in fact, damages the environment PERIOD. We should not be using dirty energy anymore, at all in my opinion.

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Damien Christian @djc91ua


September 15, 2013

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Damien Christian @djc91ua

@joeperticone Of we should build it. It will lead to job growth, that simple. I understand the environment is worth protecting, but American’s need jobs to feed their families. How will Obama’s left-wing environmental base react to this?

September 15, 2013

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Jack @jack

I am of two minds on this issue. While I do care about the environment, I believe it was the state department that said that the Canadians will take their Oil through the United States with or without the pipeline, and without the pipeline,it would probably be via train, which releases pollutants while transporting something that will later release pollutants. So we could have pollutants released now and later, or have pollutants released just later. Plus it would supply jobs for building and maintaining the pipeline for both the US and Canada, and we are in need of jobs in this country. That being said, if Obama wants to have any moral authority at all to propose a binding carbon emissions treaty that would combat climate change to the UN, and especially China (who is polluting at an industrial revolution era level right now), he has to reject the Keystone XL pipeline. I believe that while the pipeline would help our economy, and wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if it is approved, Obama should reject the Keystone XL pipeline, claim his moral authority and propose a binding Carbon emissions reduction treaty to the UN to take a major step in combating Climate Change. The treaty should institute a cap and trade system much akin to what Europe has, making it not profitable to not consider the environment. That will let the free market do a lot of the work of clearing up climate change, and replacing the jobs the pipeline would have created with renewable energy-industry jobs .

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doug @noway

Here is the problem with tar sands, hole in ozone layer the size of Ontario and Quebec combined. printed in Windsor Star, found by Canadian scientist and dept. shut down. by -product of refining can not be cleaned so you have a waste problem that can be smelled for 50 miles. just the facts

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Billy Wade @fun2bwade

If anything a building project like this will create jobs while keeping energy here in the United States. We need to do all we can to keep jobs in our country and this is a great step to accomplishing that.

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Policy MAKES me SIGH @policysigh

@fun2bwade I completely agree with you. JOBS need to be our number one priority in this country. It is truly unfortunate that President Obama vetoed such an important bill.

@noway the current alternative to oil pipelines are President Obama’s buddy Warren Buffet’s oil trains. This is the real reason Obama does not want to authorize the pipeline, because it will create direct competition for Buffett’s investments:

It has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with big business.

@jack I think your opinion is very reasonable. The oil will be moved regardless, those jobs will be created and the “environmental harms” will be present no matter what. So why not at least get some people some jobs. If there is literally no way to stop it from happening. The only thing we are doing is not benefiting from it if we don’t let it through.


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Michael Stotts @mcstotts50

I’m totally in favor of the pipeline. I am also in favor of clean energy, but as has been said by others here, we ain’t there yet, and I cannot afford a Tesla nor can most of us. If we don’t start protecting this great innovative country we won’t have it long. Globalism is sucking the life out of us. Energy independence is a big step in the right direction.

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