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The political, social networking site that integrates politics with popular culture.

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Nico @nbecerra

@carldemaio, I must say that what you suggest is refreshing in what I believe is a very disappointing time for a struggling Republican Party. I was raised Republican, and saying that is funny to me because I feel that a lot of young republicans were “raised” republican as well. Now, of course that is not ALL young republicans, but for those of us who were raised to follow a string of political beliefs, as we’ve grown wiser and stepped out into the world as individuals, we find that we are exposed to a very strong social belief that falls more in line with liberal views. I agree that the party needs to change, and your idea of the “New Generation” leading the party sounds great, in theory, but is it truly practical?

In today’s modern society, the average persons social network is exponentially greater than that of someone 30 years ago. We put ourselves in the public eye, to our friends, family, co-workers and even strangers. Today’s society wants to be cool, and even though I don’t run in many political circles, i’m sure that young republicans in these circles feel that the “old way” of the Republican Party (parts of it at least) aren’t keeping up with social standards. Not only that, but being a Republican these days, is not “cool”. You’re pegged as a “Bible Hugger” who hates gay people and who will try to dictate what women can do with their bodies. You start to see young republicans claiming that they are Libertarian or Tea Party Republicans.

My family is from South America, my parents came to the US from Peru in the early 1980’s. My father was practicing law in Peru when their economy tanked, he moved here to find a career and traded his suit and a courtroom for a tow truck and worked night shifts as a repo-man. Now our family owns one of the largest debt collection law firms in California. My parents are the epitome of the American Dream. Now my brothers and I are pursuing careers as business owners, I am lucky to be enrolled in law school, and have found success in my professional career as a result of the core values my family instilled in me; family, hard work, humility.

I am, what I believe, the Republican Party would call a perfect constituent. However, being a part of this “New Generation” of republicans has left me asking for more from “my” party. I’m turned off by the positions some of the leaders in this party have taken, and I find myself voting for republicans, not because I like them, but because anything is better than what today’s democrats are offering.

I believe in civil liberties, but I also believe there is a place for government intervention. I believe in a free market and capitalism, but I understand that regulation has it’s place in a capitalist country.

All in all, I support what you offer, it sounds great. But I am curious, how do you get the “people” to buy in? The “new generation” is going to the liberal/democrat side, because our generation lacks interest. Liberals are better marketers, period. I think it’s great that you’ve joined Volkalize, it shows that you’re willing to put yourself out there and your more than likely going to subject yourself to some hard questioning from REAL people, not a script that you got two weeks ago.

I have some comments related to your policies in regards to San Diego’s fiscal health, and whether “saving” us from bankruptcy, was really saving us at all. I think a Chapter 9 Bankruptcy would have been a good thing for our City. We made a lot of bad deals, and we lost a lot to our creditors as a result of them. Trust me, as a professional that represents creditors in my daily work as a debt collection professional, it is ODD that I support a bankruptcy. But poor policy decisions put San Diego in the hole, and I agree that your policies and your leadership may have saved us from a bankruptcy, but how much did we, or will we, lose as a result of not restructuring?

Mr. Demaio, you’re approach is refreshing. You have my support. I hope that you are welcomed by other leaders in the Republican Party. I may not agree with everything you represent, but I have to say that it’s a breath of fresh air in a very stinky room of politicians who can’t win. Good luck to you, and I commend you for opening this door on, I know it will add value to your efforts and I hope my fellow users on the site find an opportunity to buy into your plan!

September 18, 2013

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Damien Christian @djc91ua

@carldemaio I agree that we Republicans need to steer away from social issues that divide the party and the country. We need a new outlook on government and management. My generation needs a Republican Party that will listen to us and reach out to those who are not “typical” Republican voters. I am glad to hear that you are thinking outside the political box to change the GOP for the better. I, a concerned Republican, believe our party needs this change you are promising. Please make this happen and do not get entangled in the politics of old. I hope for the best for you and good luck.

September 18, 2013

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Gary @grand-vizier

Glad to see a Politician with the guts to join Volkalize. It should be required!
Taken in order of your points.
1. I completely agree,but I think a big problem is the woeful ignorance that prevails among the public.
I recently saw a TV show where a picture of Newt was shown and the person was asked if he would vote for the person (Newt). The reply was NO! asked why he replied because he (not Newt) was a Republican. When informed Newt was not only a republican but former Speaker of the house,the person being interviewed was amazed.
If the republicans are that unable to communicate they deserve to lose.
2.There are a lot of Republican solutions,see answer to #1.
3. The problem is not issues to unite.
The problem is the completely different direction of the progressive Democrat party.
Some things cannot be compromised. When one side wants to tax and spend and regulate the country to ruin they must be defeated,not compromised with.
The republicans have compromised themselves into the position where they really mean very little anymore and unless they change the ‘conservatives” or anyone with a brain is going to become some form of Libertarian.
I for one don’t plan to only compromise a few of my freedoms in order to seek Democrat unity.
4. Fine Idea but really meaningless in the big picture.
The government is not just a bit too big and overbearing ,it has grown to the point of nearly suffocating the country.
To sum up, the people I talk to want the government MUCH smaller.
They want laws not only much simpler but less intrusive and no law should be so long or complex that a reasonably literate person cannot understand it.
My friends don’t want the government in their private lives AT ALL and mostly don”y care what race ,religion ,sex or beliefs anyone else has.
To start businesses,to do with our property as we decide,to pass on our property to our heirs without having what we have accumulated stolen by our government.
This could continue till I write War and Peace.
Just keep the message short and sweet. Don’t try to solve everyone’s perceived problems,there is no end to that.
Especially don’t confuse legislation with actually changing anything.
Legislation is just a piece of paper with letters on it. Passing a law is just another law and there are already more laws than ANYONE can read or understand .

September 18, 2013

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Two Cents @twocents

@CarlDeMaio First of all, thanks for coming onto this website. Its true that politicians are often not accessible so I commend you for coming on here to discuss the issues with us. I like a lot of what you said, I think we need more people like you in Congress that are committed to reforming Washington.

I think my favorite thing about what you said is that you are committed to limited government on all issues, not just some. That is very refreshing to hear from a Republican Candidate! Republicans all too often get caught up in small government for economic issues, but when it comes to social issues they want the government outlawing everything!

I also agree that the Republican Party needs to be more inclusive. But I wonder how we can do this? The “brand” of the Republican party has become pigeon holed. I think they need to be more inclusive as you say, but how can we accomplish this? Through grassroots efforts and marketing? Or is by the legislation they bring to the public?

The last comment I will make is your remarks about fixing Congress. I am glad you have a positive outlook and are going to be another person that will hold Congress and our elected officials accountable. I agree that they should live by the same laws as the people they serve! Some people are pessimistic that no one politician can make a difference. But I believe every politician that stands for liberty and fixing the economy is one less space for the corrupt! I hope to follow your career and that Washington DC doesnt change you, like it has done to so many others…

I am confident that when you get to Congress you will stand with others that promote economic stability and individual liberty. You have my vote!

September 18, 2013

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@carldemaio, I will echo those who said that it’s good to have a politician on this site. But you may not like my comments.

1. More inclusive. Which means we give illegals a “path to citizenship”, we increase the government give-aways, and we cater to the less than 1% in the country. Oh wait, that’s already being done by the Democrats.

2. Stop being the party of “No”. Isn’t the reason we’re in this mess is because the government keeps saying “Yes” to everything. The party of yes is coming close to making this a socialist country.

3. This is one I agree with.

4. I agree, with a slight addition. If any politician, from a mayor to the president tries to do any harm, of any kind, to or tries to side step Our Constitution, they should be tried for treason, and imprisoned. Any politician that fails to defend Our Constitution should be removed from office.

I have never met you, I do not know you, you are probably a very nice person, but a lot of what you have said sounds like the same thing the RINO’s have been doing for a long time, be a little more liberal so we can get along with the democrats. That’s been done and it doesn’t works.

What we need, now more than ever, are strong politicians who will not waiver, who will not be carried by whatever breeze is blowing, anything less is what we already have.

September 18, 2013

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Julia Wotten @juliaw

@Nbecerra, that was a very nice response. It is refreshing to hear young people talk about civil liberties. I agree that Republicans get pegged as crazy religious people, or people that hate gays. But I also feel that that is the case with some of their leadership. I think the people they represent just go along with it like you said because they think Democrats are a worse option. The Republican Party says they want small government in one breath, but then they try to regulate our personal lives and women’s bodies. I think Republicans should expect more from their party.

That being said, @CarlDeMaio I will get behind a Republican that is willing to leave social issues alone, and stand up for civil liberties against their party. I am a Democrat, and social issues come first to me. I think we should provide health care to our people, and I believe that gays should be able to get married just the same as straight people. Do you think you will be able to stand up for civil liberties, and not have your party attack you for it? Will you survive the DC corruption and cut throat nature?

I want a strong economy. I looked at your platform, and I love that you talk about investing and supporting the development of sustainable energy. I want to protect our environments as well. Being from San Diego, such a beautiful city, you need to be willing to protect it. However, I think the local community can handle these issues best, with the support of federal government when it comes to big corporations trying to build on lands that should be protected and drill where they should not.

@jlriggs57aol-com, you and I often disagree on this site, but you are very genuine. Your positions are always very consistent. However, don’t you think there are some things we can agree on. I just read about the tea party and the sierra club working together to support economic freedom and sustainable energy. The Tea Party is fighting for the right to choose what type of sustainable energy they want to use and the Sierra Club was fighting to promote sustainable energy and the right to choose which companies they want to buy from. I think it was a good collaboration. I would like to know what @CarlDeMaio thinks about immigration. He didn’t specifically say path to citizenship. I hear Republicans talking about being more inclusive and that seems to be from a branding perspective, not from a legislative perspective. So many he can let us know how he feels about that one. Path to citizenship? Green Cards? I personally would like to see our immigration system updated to be more effective. I think were letting people in that we shouldnt, and were keeping people out that we shouldn’t, and the line is way too long. We can speed things up a bit and let more people in that in the end will want to work. I think we should also give out more grants for college students from other countries with a path to citizenship.

@Grand-Vizier your comments about the Republican not knowing Newt Gingrich is a Republican is hilarious! Wish I saw that video. I agree that we want freedom. Republicans should stand for freedom on all fronts, not just economic freedom.

September 21, 2013

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@juliaw, there are many things that I am more than willing to compromise on however a few of the things I won’t compromise on are my religious beliefs, defending Our Constitution/Bill of Rights or anything that will allow harm to come to our country, physically or economically.

If an issue is brought up that the Christian Bible speaks against, then I will say I am against it. Not in a ranting, condemning, hate filled manner, just in a matter of fact way. This is why I oppose this issue. Why would I be mad at anyone? That never did make sense to me, but I see a lot do it.

Any time I see a politician try to make void, diminish, alter, or side-step Our Constitution/Bill of Rights it is a sign that the freedom I have now, is in danger and may not be there for my children and those that follow. This should worry any American who believes in freedom.

As for the physical or economic harm. I will defend with my life against any physical threat to this country. That’s just plain and simple. The economics are a little tougher to defend, that has to be done through our legislation and by our votes. I’m pretty inflexible on not letting those that come here illegally get away with breaking our laws and then rewarding them for it. What would follow after that would only hurt our country and our economy, which is already in bad shape.

I think you would find that beyond these subjects I can be very flexible. Although, as you say, we often disagree on this site, but that does not mean I don’t respect your opinion, it just means that we disagree. No harm, no foul, just a different way of seeing the same thing.

The fact that the Tea Party is fighting for someones rights is a great thing, I would expect no less from a group that was founded to save our rights.

September 22, 2013

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