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I will just say that I would never back hamas, they are a terrorist group, therefore until I see some real proof that Israel is purposely targeting schools just to kill children I will back Israel. The liberal news media is unreliable and unbelievable.

I followed the link and read the information, some of it was good information and some was tommy-rot. This is not on you, it is on the author of the information.

He says, “The Christian can neither endorse nor support any political, economic, social, or religious movement whose motivating principle is one of rebellion.”

In some cases may be true, but not in America, not yet anyway.

God says in Titus 3:1 – “Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work,………”

Which basically states “obey the law”. In America there is no higher law than Our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights, they are above lawyers, judges, senators, and even the president, they are the absolute law of the land. When I was inducted into the military I took an oath that says “I will protect them from enemies foreign and domestic” so what may appear to some as rebellion is merely me and millions like me defending the ultimate law of this land.

And that is NOT against God’s will, it is following it. So the whole “no Christian can endorse………” is horse-hokey.

I know I am off track here but to be honest I don’t know what the Jewish people are taught along those lines, but this gentleman says Christians not Jews. I wonder what this guy thinks about WWI and II, by his way of thinking should we have just laid down our arms and let the Kaiser or Hitler just walk in and take over? Sounds like the same thing that is happening to the Israel’s.

Except what I read in the Bible, I believe little else. People distort information to fit their own agenda and this goes more than double for the media. Getting facts about what a Christian should or shouldn’t do should not be left to the writings of some person who holds their own agenda. All the information you need is in the Bible itself. Man is corrupt and his thoughts are moved with the tide, don’t trust them.

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@jlriggs57aol-com Thank You for responding and taking the time to read in depth about that article. I first came across it trying to see other perspectives about the moral acceptance of property tax on “sovereign land”. When I came across the paragraph I pasted, it struck a separate familiar note in my mind. Not that I align myself with the writers thoughts completely, but that I can make sense of an idea. It seems that today and in ancient times, Governments have tendency to rule over the individual in certain ways. I Thank The Almighty GOD that such courageous, devoted, individuals had and have the will and vision to fight against tyrants whom would have stood in the way of their families Liberty to Live a Good Life as they see it.
All personal, local, and national actions taken have some affect on the world and others around Us. Some decisions made can eventually get in the way of certain peoples livelihood. When a law abiding citizen can no longer live their way of life without breaking the law, they must change their way of life… Or break the law. The person whom submits to the Law is obviously a Good Person. WHat happens when a law or action a certain country makes or takes goes against a persons ethical code or even worse cuts off access for food to their family? These people are going to have to deal with their situation; turn away from their way of life (faith), move from their homes (exile). Any group of people under such circumstances must feel persecuted, even if they got themselves into such a bind, they are going to have an opinion. If the Majority of people as a Whole have a specific opinion, there will eventually be world push toward a certain agenda, likely in that majorities favor.
(Backtracking… I think this is why ROme became Christian, If Constantine did not submit to Christ, they would have lost Power over all the Christians in Rome. For in the time when Christian were being Persecuted under ROman Government, it was fueling the fire to the spread of Christs teaching)
As You MEntion the fault of American and world Media, it makes a lot of people (You an I included) have an opinion about something we do not REALLY know about.
Either Way The board is likely to tilt in the favor of the majority of people. Sadly some people who are feeling persecuted do not have anyone who is fighting their “oppressors” except for the “terrorist”. That would be a sad way to draw Good people into groups of really Bad people. Especially because as we see In the separate ISIS situation, those Bad people are worse Oppressors than the Ones whom came before.
I know the Faithful will be Blessed, still it seems so many faithful on every side is doing things that are not very spiritual. It is so easy for People to be misled. Evil is a disease, I swear, anyone whom fights it, can also commit it.

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The last statement you made was very true,

“It is so easy for People to be misled. Evil is a disease, I swear, anyone whom fights it, can also commit it.”

Those who strive for the perfection that can never achieved, have to be constantly on their guard not to let their personal feelings get in the way of doing what God wants us to do. We are all human and can fall victim to temptation, not only in the physical sense, but also in the emotional.

I think we should remember oppressors, like terrorists, attack. Those who are oppressed and those who fight with the oppressed, defend. I think this was evident in our own Minute Men. We have also tried to play that roll in Korea and Vietnam, but because we were not allowed to defend with all our might we did nothing but lose American lives.

If we are asked to help defend Israel, who is one of our allies, I pray we are allowed to go in with all we have, to defend with all our might. Anything else would just be a waste of more American lives.

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