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There is conflicting information regarding the origin of ISIS/Daash. And this is what Iraqis are saying:”Isis is funded by Iran.” Even the name “Daash” means Rush. Daash isn’t an Arabic name, it’s Iranian. Don’t you find it strange that a supposedly “Sunni” group would pick an Iranian name for themselves? What if Al Qaida has always been funded by Iran? Isn’t Iran the one that encouraged the u.s to go into Afghanistan? What if Iran is using saudies, Afghans and others especially sunnies as a cover? Did u know that Osama bin Laden used to live in Iran? And was supported by the Iranian government?

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@nora-revolte very interesting I dont know any of that info! Can you elaborate? Theres definitely more to the story then we know.

I just found these videos on one of my favorite blogs called the gateway pundit of hundreds of men that were captured by the ISIS:

Here is the article from gateway pundit:➙-new-video-thousands-of-iraqi-soldiers-captured-by-isis/

Apparently the translation in the second video is “This was the largest army in the history of mankind at the hands of the Islamic State.”

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@policysigh @nora-revolte this is really sad. Strict sharia law is being imposed on the people in the seized areas of Iraq.

The militants of ISIS released a letter telling the women to “dress appropriately” and “only go outside if necessary.”

So sad!!

This report also says that ISIS is officially the richest terrorist group in the world after looting 500 billion Iraqi dinars – the equivalent of $429m (£256m) – from Mosul’s central bank, according to the regional governor.

A large quantity of gold bullion is also believed to have been stolen.

As for what can be done… I’m not sure much can be done without a full US invasion, along with help from the International community. At this point I don’t know if anyone would be in favor of that in our government or in our society. The Iraq war was very controversial as it is, and pulling out was celebrated amongst the left and many Libertarian groups.

My opinion is that whether we should or shouldn’t go in and help might be irrelevant at this point, because I dont think the people in our government would be willing to face the political pressure associated with doing so. Especially with the midterm elections coming up, and 2016 on the horizon soon after.

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@nora-revolte @policysigh @jordan-bosstick

Revolte, not sure what you are talking about with Iran but I thought this might interest you:

Apparently Iran has deployed forces to fight against the militants in Iraq. They have taken back parts of Tikrit and are protecting Baghdad. They have also placed troops at their own border and warned that if the militants try to invade Iran they will bomb them.

According to the article, what is at stake in this conflict is their Shiite political ally in Baghdad, as well as the safety of Karbala and Najaf which along with the Mecca and Medina are considered sacred to Shiites world-wide.

The ISIS has publicly said they want to march toward the Karbala and Najaf to settle their differences with Nouri al-Maliki. This is an obvious religious war between the two sects Islam (Sunni and Shiite). SISI are sunni, Nouri al-Maliki is Shiite.

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@twocents Mecca and all the other sacred places are sacred to the sunnies as well. I hope you don’t view the Shiites as the only Muslims! The radicals exist on both sides, the Mahdi army and badar organization and asaab al haq are all Shiite extremists who assassinated innocent moderate sunnies in Iraq just bcz they’re sunnies. You really need to be fair about this. And yes true extremists wahabies also killed innocent Shiites just bcz they’re Shiites. You need to learn more about the history of Iraq and Islam, especially who the sunnies are. Again, Mecca, Karbala are important to all Muslims. And FYI Shiites extremists in Iran always state that their dream is to take down Mecca! But a moderate Shiite would be upset to hear this, is against it. You see what I mean?

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@twocents @nora-revolte @policysigh @jordan-bosstick

While I generally oppose most forms of American adventurism in the Middle East, I think there’s a legitimate case to be made for a strictly no-boots-on-the-ground military response. ISIS is vowing to march on Baghdad and raid our embassy. That said, I think we’d be perfectly justified in droning as many of those little bastards as possible. And we could do so without incurring a lot of blowback because most people in the Middle East – even the radicals – absolutely detest ISIS.

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It is time for the people of Iraq to decided the future of their country. Maybe limited and conditional support should be offered to the authoritarian Nouri Al Maliki but not much more. Paul Bremer made a mistake when he disbanded Saddam’s army. The majority Shia factions which Al Maliki is a part have failed to be inclusive. If the US was able to work with Sunni tribes why is not possible for Al Maliki?
We should continue supporting and strengthening the Kurds in the north…. what an example they become! Kurdistan is rising.

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Brilliant observation on US ground forces having worked with Sunni tribes, trying to bring them into the political fold of the modern Iraqi state. With Saddam out of the equation,the Shia don’t want to share power with the Sunnis and it’s stirring up a lot of resentment, emboldening the radicals.

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@fredh @ross-bryan-31 @nora-revolte @policysigh @jordan-bosstick

Did yall know that the leader of ISIS is a former detainee? We had him in custody in US detention camp and released him in 2009, at which time he claimed he would bring the fight to New York City:

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ISIS Militants Have US Passports! ‘Mother of All False Flags’ Underway!

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@Nanashi89 thanks for the video. I too have read many reports about US citizens going over to join ISIS. This is a fact, not speculation. There are even recruiters in the US looking for people to bring to ISIS territory. See this article about two Texas men arrested facing trial for this very thing:

To make matters worse, ISIS has now seized Sadaam’s chemical warfare stockpile. See this report:

Just a little side note, wasnt everyone super angry at George W. Bush because we never found the weapons of mass destruction? Aren’t chemical weapons considered weapons of mass destruction? And now isn’t our government and the media recognizing the fact that they were obviously there and in IRAQ? I’m confused. What is going on??

Read more HERE:

US citizens are not the only people traveling to join ISIS. Reportedly extremists from all over the world with passports from many different countries are traveling to meet, help, and be trained by ISIS.

This is a very big problem.

@fredh @ross-bryan-31 @nora-revolte @Twocents @jordan-bosstick

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What is happening in Iraq is awful, but not our business. If we intervene we will lose no matter what the outcome. If or when some group or country becomes a credible threat, then we get involved, but not before.

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