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Brandon Killian @brandonkillian

@jordanbosstick Is it completely unreasonable for a taxing organization to target anti-tax groups? Everyone knows that Tea Partiers want to abolish the IRS and not pay their fair share. I think it’s a good thing that the IRS targeted them. I hope they continue doing it.

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Kevin Davis @kevin-glenn-davis

There has definitely been a lot of conduct by IRS personnel that crosses the boundaries of what they should and should not be able to use in questioning the validity and practices of a non-profit.

I suspect in due time, we’ll learn that not only was the conduct being observed happening with greater frequency, but that higher ups in the administration were aware of it for quite a long time.

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Two Cents @twocents

Here’s an interesting point: Regardless of what the IRS did, they apologized and took responsibility so obviously it is scandalous. The acting director resigned of course. Funny thing is that the director was not the director at the time. The individual in charge at the time, Sarah Hall Ingram served as commissioner of the office responsible for tax exempt organizations between 2009-2012, AKA the time when the IRS was targeting conservative groups, also during a heated Presidential election I might add. But Ingram has left that part of the IRS and is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act office, AKA she is in charge of the office that implements Obamacare. CANT WAIT!

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Gary @grand-vizier

I am really appalled by Brandon’s comments that since the “Tea Party” is against the IRS it is OK that the IRS targets the Tea Party.
The IRS is the most powerful government entity next to the military..
They are charged with collecting the revenue owed by citizens under laws passed by congress.
They have the ability to destroy lives financially.
By your strange logic you should believe the Military should seek out and target all those who oppose the Military or wished to close Quantanimo. Definitly anyone who opposed waterboarding should be targeted.
This is a Free Country with freedom of expression .
Opposing taxation was a signature part of the formation of the country (hence Tea Party).
I am stunned by your understanding of your country or lack thereof.

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Gary @grand-vizier

I also have an issue with the statement that Tea Partiers don’t want to pay their “fair Share”
Maybe they just get tired of paying the shares of others and watching the money WASTED on stupid ideas like Fisker,A123 batteries, and litterally dozens of half baked ,unproven ,”experiments”that the dolts in politics think are “cool” whether they work or not.
Name ONE successful investment made with my tax dollars.

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Steve Sexton @calvin-reno

The answer is both. It was made “political” when the “scandalous” act of abusing power was applied overwhelmingly to one political ideology only. The above comment wished for a continuation, but it’d be wise to remember that an abuse of power that suits one’s agenda today could (and almost assuredly would) rub against one’s grain tomorrow. I don’t think the Tea Party calls for complete elimination of taxes (we haven’t found Galt’s Gulch yet! ) as much as they do for a process that is at least a bit more fair. But…abuse of power is abuse of power and should be dealt with in the severest of measures. A simple slap on the wrist will do nothing to deter it from happening again.

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Andrew @smittyboss1

I think that it is a scandal, but it was made a political issue. If this targeted either party, during any administration, whoever did it should be punished. However, I feel like it is being taken away from what it is.

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Tim @tcolquho

Brandon, my fair share includes federal parks, highways, military etc. my fair share should not include the terrible spending habits if our federal government. You should define fair share, I have absolutely no problem paying my part but I disagree of having to pay for more than others simply because I’ve chosen to work in a setting that may pay more.

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GianniSanDiego @gqgianni

@brandonkillian that has to be the most outrageously hypocritical thing I have ever read, honestly dude, are you that simple minded? You said the words “fair share” in your horrible argument. How is it FAIR that they target specific groups, this is called discrimination, remember? Yes, in 1964 the civil rights movement was passed to eliminate discrimination, and yes, it was headed up by MLK Jr, who, by the way was a REPUBLICAN.

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Spencer Finch @spencerfinch

I am a member of NE Tarrant County Tea Party which has been targeted and harassed by the IRS for years. The IRS made ridiculous requests like giving them every flyer that they had ever produced, every tweet, ever Facebook post, even personal information about members. To this day NETTP has yet to receive their tax exempt status. Yet, groups like Organizing for America, Obama’s non-profit group, had no trouble gaining tax exempt status.

This would be no issue if the IRS kept the standards across the board, but targeting groups by partisan words is ridiculous. This is, without a doubt, scandalous. 10 Democratic senators wrote letters to the IRS calling them to crack down on Tea Parties. There are still a lot of things that need to be investigated regarding this issue.

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nina anakar @ninaanakar

It seems that the IRS has targeted any one that is a threat to them, be it an individual citizen who carries out most of their business abroad or the Tea Party who threatens their existence in general. But what bothers me more is that the media, and those heavily invested in politics, turn an abuse of power, a simple scandal, into a platform for intense political debate. Not only has the IRS targeted conservative groups as powerful in voice as the Tea Party. They have targeted individual citizens, and who knows how many of those victims did not deserve to be so heavily taxed or audited. Who knows how much that they have profited from has been unfair.

The New York Times answers a personal question of mine quite well here:

Q. Why did the issue then remain quiet for more than a year?

A. It was not yet clear in early 2012 that the I.R.S. was specifically targeting conservative groups. Groups allied with the Tea Party made that accusation. But the issue remained clouded by a larger debate over politically oriented groups that seek nonprofit tax status.

To receive such status, according to the I.R.S., a group must be “primarily engaged in the promotion of social welfare.” Such organizations can engage in some political activity “so long as, in the aggregate, these nonexempt activities are not its primary activities.”

The standard for what constitutes a “primary” activity remains unclear, and many outside experts believe that political groups, on both the right and left, take advantage of the uncertainty.

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Kenneth @kenneth

The IRS over-reached and it’s important for Congress to investigate and take steps to prevent this from happening again. That may include examination (and revision) of the laws related to declaring tax exempt status. This is a good example of what Congress should be doing. The investigation itself is not really a democrat vs. republican thing, so I’m hoping Congress will work together and get the job done.

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Jackie Wellfonder @jlwellfonder

Geez, didn’t mean to ‘like’ Brandon’s comment. Come on Brandon, seriously? I hope that was sarcasm on your part.

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bre @bradevarts

Concur with Gary

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D.W.Robinson @d-w-robinson

You know, someone who publicly sings the praises of the Internal Revenue Service more than likely has never been audited or is a low income stooge who doesn’t really pay much in the way of taxes.

Or, perhaps, one who defends the indefensible could be a willing thrall of the DC establishment that perpetually keeps the working class paying through the nose.

Either way, bureaucratic bean counters who push tax payers of any persuasion around because of political preferences are waaaaay over the line.

This is America. We don’t do that here. Period

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Jacob Leisher @jacob-l

@brandonkillian – because of somebody’s views on the current tax structure, it is fair to discriminate against them and run up costly audits (sucking out more tax money) to see if they did anything wrong…..?

No it is not.

Do you understand what these actions allowed Liberal groups to do??


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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

D.W. Robinson, I don’t think you meant what it sounded like you meant. I don’t think you meant to categorize everyone who has a low income as a stooge. But if that was your intent let’s clarify. There are millions of people who do not have high or even middle incomes, including me, who are some of the most productive people you will ever come in contact with, they don’t like the taxes that are being forced upon them and they don’t like the fact that the government is trying to control nearly every aspect of their lives, in short, not much different than anyone else. The ones I have a problem with are the ones who are able and capable of working but CHOOSE not to and rely on you, me, and everyone working to put food in their lazy mouths. And I agree the IRS or any other bureaucratic group should never target anyone, or group, for their politics. Thank you for your love of our country, may we get it back someday.

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Two Cents @twocents

@jlriggs57aol-com good point. I dont think @D-W-Robinson meant what he actually said. It is very frustrating that people who can work dont. It gives the public a negative taste in their mouth regarding these types of programs, and people who actually need it and use safety net programs to get back on their feet are shamed. Anyway, back to the IRS. LOIS LERNER plead the fifth in the IRS hearing today. I think this implicates the Obama Administration. Thoughts?

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

Reading all the articles that have been available, shows a lot of fingers pointed at him. He is trying to lead by dealing behind closed doors, but there are too many eyes on him, he can’t make a move, or have one of his people make a move, without somebody watching and being eager to point to him as the initiator. To be quite honest, I would like to see every president, senator, governor, and mayor watched this closely for wrong doing, whether they be Democrat, Republican, Independent, or whatever. An honest person would withstand the scrutiny.

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Chase Knudsen @chaseknuts

Whoever thinks that it is “ok” to go after a group that doesn’t want to “give their fair share” is nothing more than a looter, looking for the fair share that they themselves didn’t earn. We shouldn’t be taxed as is IMO. To allow any type of discrimination (as some have mentioned) is immoral and wrong. So what if the rich want to keep their money they worked hard for to achieve. it’s their money, I say let ’em keep it. That goes with every American who works hard for their buck. economic morality is more liable to work, and people would be more willing if the government would just back off.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

Have to agree with Chases last comment. Like it or not these folks put in a lot of hours to start and build a company. They have a lot of headaches that go with owning a business and sometimes they put all they own on the line and end up losing everything. If their business does good why shouldn’t they make a healthy profit, this is America we all can take our chances and do the same if we choose. I guess the only thing I could see a difference in is when it comes to taxes. If we have a flat tax, I feel the same percentage each person pays, each company should pay also. Why should a business owner not pay the same from their gross income as a person has to pay. A flat tax could be fair if they make it fair.

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Donna Turpen @donnaturpen

Just be cause they are tea partiers does not mean they don’t pay taxes. What about all the unmarried couples with multiple kids, who each seperately claim different kids at different homes (yet actually live together all year long)? How is that for a tax exempt status? What about the thousands of groups that George Soros is funding? I bet they are all tax exempt. How about the Barak H. Obama Foundation? Ran out of a P.O. Box? Tax exempt!This is how the government has always tried to control groups or things they did not like. TAXES!

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Two Cents @twocents

I had to repost! This scandal is getting even bigger with the latest FAILED attempt by the Top IRS official Lois Lerner yesterday to plead the fifth. She started out with a statement proclaiming her innocence which 100% waived her fifth amendment rights. This is just getting interesting people! @DonnaTurpen seriously great points! ALL of George Soros’ organizations passed the IRS test with flying colors. Same with any left leaning organization during election season. Conservative groups were targeted specifically and unfairly. This is definitely a scandalous scandal @JordanBosstick.

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Why are Democrats defending the corruption of the IRS?

I’m not a Democrat. I’m not a Republican. But isn’t there something fundamentally wrong here? Do they have any moral integrity, or do they just tout all those precepts and beliefs they supposedly hold so dear to themselves out like a shield because it’s convenient?

If you really favor equality, why not favor equality under the law? Why are you rooting for what is probably the most important governmental department to get away with a crime like this? They’re continually bringing up excuse after excuse for the failed accountability of the people in charge of the IRS and offering no outrage to the injustice done to the American people here.

It doesn’t matter what party it is. It doesn’t matter who is in charge. Discriminatory practices within the most powerful governmental body need to be punished swiftly and severely. Those in charge of the oversight of this organization need also be removed. Just because you don’t agree with the beliefs of the Tea Party doesn’t mean you get to arbitrarily take their rights away.

Are 501(c)s complete BS? Yes. Do I think they should be abolished to keep corporate dollars out of politics? Yes. Do I think that people within a neutral organization of government should have the right to target and indefinitely forestall the ones they don’t like? NO!!!

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Stacy Rush @therightrush

I find Brandon’s comments ignorant at best and would be interested if he would feel the same way if the ppl targeted were not conservative?
It should concern every person, no matter the party that a government agency would target any group for their political beliefs, for any belief for that matter.

The information requested feels more like a source for creating an ‘enemies list’ rather than determining if the groups should be approved for non profit status.
The information requested includes but is not limited to:
list of members, including name of family members
if any member is interested in running for office
names of interns, of volunteers
names of donors
copies of all posts on social media
content of prayers
copies of all material currently being used by organization
user name and password of website
I could go on
In addition, some people who formed the tea party organizations have been coincidentally visited by additional govt agencies in businesses unrelated to the tea party org. such as OSHA, State commission on environmental quality, and the FBI.
This should bother everyone, because at some point, ‘your party’ may not be in power, and make no mistake, the government, the IRS is extremely powerful unless we each demand accountability for this.

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Chris Hedgecock @knofun

“Former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Doug Shulman visited the White House 118 times between 2010 and 2011. Acting Director Steven Miller, who took over at the IRS in November, also made numerous visits to the White House, though variations in the spelling of his name in White House visitor logs makes it difficult to determine exactly how many times.”

“Shulman’s predecessor, Mark Everson, who served from 2003 to 2007, apparently visited the Bush White House only once during his four-year tenure. Shulman, a Bush appointee who donated $500 to the Democratic National Committee in 2004, served as the IRS Commissioner from March 2008 to November 2012″

I’m going to go with scandal on this one.

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One major problem with saying it is reasonable for the IRS to target certain “anti-tax” groups is the fact that groups can work around it. Groups can try to position or characterize themselves to be on the “correct” side on the tax issue to be on the IRS’s good side.

Plus, it is problematic and wrong to allow the IRS to stereotype certain groups to be the ones likely to break the law by evading taxes.

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Two Cents @twocents

And the SCANDAL continues. The IRS reportedly did not cease the targeting of conservative groups once this scandal came to light. Apparently they were still targeting conservative groups up to as late as May 6th. Here’s a great article:

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Kathy @kdavinci60

The IRS incident is completely unreasonable and an extreme over reach of Government and Bad Politics. The IRS should have been abolished years ago.

Come on now do you really want them making medical decisions for you and your family.

I don’t that’s for sure! I would think they might make a decision on a Democrat a bit differently that a Republican or Libertarian.

Who’s to say they wouldn’t! Oh! Their a political enemy, so sorry bit your not eligible for that cancer treatment. Next!

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Two Cents @twocents

I had to jump back on this conversation due to the latest development in the IRS scandal, which to answer the original poster, YES this is actually scandalous.

The IRS is now claiming that it “LOST” Lois Lerner, former director of the IRS’ emails. 2 full years of emails in fact. And what a coincidence, it happens to be the emails between 2009-2011. Suspiciously that is the time in question during which certain organizations were unfairly targeted and singled out for IRS over scrutiny.

You can read more about it here as well:

If you still don’t see what is happening here, or your no longer following the story because maybe it was too long ago for you to keep in your mind, this is a time to remember. We are seeing blatant corruption and deception from our government, and we should be absolutely outraged.

@kdavinci60 @jay5 @knofun @therightrush @brock @donnaturpen @chaseknuts @jlriggs57aol-com @jacob-l @d-w-robinson @bradevarts @kenneth @jlwellfonder @ninaanakar @spencerfinch @gqgianni @tcolquho @smittyboss1 @calvin-reno @grand-vizier @kevin-glenn-davis @brandonkillian @jordan-bosstick

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Policy MAKES me SIGH @policysigh

@twocents that’s not all. They’ve now apparently lost the emails of 6 more individuals. Saw this pic on the Volkalize Facebook page and thought it was pretty funny.

Here’s the article about the lost emails if you want the full report: IRS Has Lost More E-mails . . . | National Review Online

@kdavinci60 @jay5 @knofun @therightrush @brock @donnaturpen @chaseknuts @jlriggs57aol-com @jacob-l @d-w-robinson @bradevarts @kenneth @jlwellfonder @ninaanakar @spencerfinch @gqgianni @tcolquho @smittyboss1 @calvin-reno @grand-vizier @kevin-glenn-davis @brandonkillian @jordan-bosstick

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