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In this case, I don’t think the CIA was justified — they were attempting (supposedly) to pinpoint the source of a leak. So why was such a broad search necessary? Did the government really try all other methods of inquiry before seizure of phone records? To get a subpoena, you should need extremely specific evidence and almost no alternative. This was clearly a violation of that standard on behalf of the justice department. Not to mention the failure to disclose the subpoena to AP right away!!!! This “investigation” seems like it was aimed more towards the intimidation of AP reporters than it was at maintaining security.

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The TERRORIST attack on our consulate in Benghazi is an example of our federal government lying to us. It is extremely frustrating that our government could push out this narrative of an anti Islamic video, when in fact, whistle blowers within the State Department are saying that this is all a lie. They knew it was a terrorist attack. However, they refused to call it that at the time because the narrative of the Obama campaign was “Al Qaeda is on its heels.” I want to know WHO CHANGED THE TALKING POINTS. That person needs to be publicly announced, and must resign from office. Until then I will not stop following this story.

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Brandon Killian @brandonkillian

@twocents There were obviously discrepancies….but this is just another attempt by the Republicans to take a small matter and use it to their political advantage. Everything to the Republicans is a “scandal” or worthy of Nixonian Watergate-era type comparisons. Obama’s admin is not perfect, but it’s far better than Bush’s….

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@brandonkillian You can’t even admit that it was a bad week for the Obama administration?

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nathalie @nathaliedacosta

@brandonkillian we cant just point fingers and blame it on some political witch hunt, that doesn’t help anybody. One could just as easily say that the democrats turned it into a partisan issue by attacking Romney for his early response.

This becomes like Paul Ryan in the VP debate, criticizing democrats for attacking republicans ( apparently to make up for their lack of a solid platform), and then turning around and attacking democrats. Confusing, right? It gets us nowhere.

Look at the issue at hand. In my opinion, this wasn’t a cover-up, it was a product of confusion, tragedy, and, yes, extremely poor choices on behalf of the Obama admin.

The republicans have every right to inquire about the choices the admin made, in the interest of national security and government integrity.

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I’ll admit, this week has been a rough one.
But I have not lost faith in the Obama admin after string of “scandals” that, upon investigation, have yet to offer explanations that clarify the situation any more than those presented by the administration itself.

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Danny Foster @dannyfoster

About the AP-
the reporters had held off on the story until informed (albeit not directly from the white house, but from government officials) that it was no longer a threat to national security. The abridgment of first amendment rights here is daunting. This will most certainly hurt business for AP reporters and damage the integrity of the agency.

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We can say this is definitely a ‘scandal’. As many Dems try to play it off as not being one, this President has NO IDEA what is going on in his own administration. And if we realize that watergate was a ‘scandal’ that took place under a Republican President, so the Republicans have every right to justify the recent events as they would like to. This administration is the most absurd administration, and all the Dems want to do is compare it to W Bush. Yes, everyone is human and makes mistakes, but it is up to us to fix those mistakes. The O Administration has fixed nothing.

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Peter Knutson @petewheeler

Just think, if Romney were President right now, and the IRS targeted Liberal support groups, or these other scandals happened, Romney would be impeached before we could blink. It is amazing the media bias in this country, and how one sided it is.

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Connor @johnnyutah

the reporters had held off on the story until informed (albeit not directly from the white house, but from government officials) that it was no longer a threat to national security. –@DannyFoster

The government already had compliance with the AP to not release the story until it was no longer a threat to national security. I can only see the subpoena being used to expose, and intimidate the sources associated with the AP. Why else would collect phone records after the fact? The government doesn’t want to deal with the risk of having sources uncover their tracks or beinging able to leak a story.

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Daniel Bostic @debostic

I think at the end of the day it will generate some media buzz, but nothing is actually going to happen to the administration. The average American isn’t smart enough to understand all these issues. Something like Monica Lewinsky was bad for the Clinton administration simply because American people understand adultery. The other issues are “too complicated”.

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Steve Sexton @calvin-reno

@twocents You’re right to stay focused on Benghazi. There’s creedence in the notion that the IRS and AP scandals are a distraction from the true scandal on the table.

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Steve Sexton @calvin-reno

@brandon The defficiencies of the Bush administration (of which there were more than a few) in no way justify the poor leadership of President Obama etal. In Ohio, Castro held prisoner 3 girls for 10 years, but that doesn’t clear the path for me to do the same as long as i keep the total at 2. Anyone can support a politician, party, organization, etc. The high hurdle to clear is knowing WHY you support them.

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Steve Sexton @calvin-reno

@nathalie You make a good point about the hypocrisy that has infected both sides of the aisle when it comes to their debates. But don’t kid yourself….Benghazi is a cover up. I couls POSSIBLY be swayed if they’d even address the question of why Ambassador Stephens was even in Benghazi in the first place. That, without a doubt, is the missing link in this whole mess.

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mark clark @marksclark

i don’t think they needed to do it. just intimidation. now there is the reporter from Fox who had his personal emails taken by the doj.

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Sam @unclesamiam

Benghazi: Was proven the state department had a HEAVY hand in altering those emails, I have read the 100 they are allowing us to have so far, and would gladly share what I now to anyone with questions.

IRS: Union President of IRS was at an event with Obama the day before this started, was Obama involved or some sort of inspiration gathered from this event?

AP: Is not just AP anymore, we have Fox reporters being a targeted, this is clear as day a 1st amendment violation. It’s a pure insult to Americans that Holder has a job, at all.

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Ryan Hill @foaryan

I think the AP issue goes beyond national security. If you notice, Republicans and Democrats both use the “national security card” quite frequently. It’s like their opt-out-of-the-Constitution maneuver.

Virtually every new intrusive policy is being implemented in the name of national security: Patriot Act, NDAA, TSA, now the AP, increased gun background checks, and the list could go on for quite some time.

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Jacob Leisher @jacob-l

I just find it astonishing that the Government is allowed to act outside the scope of a citizen time and time again.

If I want to Subpoena records of somebody else, I must file a lawsuit first.

Why is the Government able to side step this?
It used to be bad enough when the Government would file suit then get the Subpoena granted within 30 minutes…. but at least there was some warning to the Defendant or in this instance “Victim”.

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Predictions based on the growing scandals
1) Some time this summer, most likely on the afternoon of a 3 day weekend, Jay Carney will resign. Though he probably has the least to do with many of the scandals it is his face people remember and his assurances that Obama knew nothing, therefore he must go and a new fresh innocent person hired as Press Secretary. Perhaps a well known reporter.
2) President Obama is hoping that the tornados will lead the news for days and people will lose interest in the hearings and new developments.
3) When the scandals still grow, Obama will believe that Congress’s summer recession will kill any further reporting on his scandals. Unfortunately for him, because it is the summer and Congress is out and news is slow and because the WH and DOJ went after reporters, the press will continue to delve into these stories. Some media might actually begin, for the first time, to hint at problems and disappointment with this administration.
4) When the scandals still won’t go away by late summer, Obama will go on a heartwarming family vacation. And play lots of golf.
5) By fall, when Congress reconvenes, Republicans will be openly looking into impeachment and will be quietly joined by a small group of concerned democrats.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

Brandon Killian, dead Americans Soldiers are not now, nor will they ever be a “small matter”. Even if it was just one of our soldiers in peril, we do what we can, when we can to save his life. There can be no excuse given for not doing everything in mr. obama’s power, which right now is huge, to attempt to save those who were betrayed and abandoned in Benghazi.

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I am just 14 years old i believe it is obama should be impeached and Peter Kunutson you are right!!!!

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