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Jordan Bosstick @jordan-bosstick

First of all, LOVE that you used on of my favorite quotes: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” That saying is so true and one that America should seriously consider applying to our entitlement programs. We need to help people develop the skills to lift themselves out of poverty, rather than simply try to sustain them in poverty. Which leads to your closing argument that “The only long-term solution to economic disadvantage is to teach people to help themselves.”

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

There are several government agencies that are set up to help someone going through a rough time. One of these is the welfare system. When a person is laid off and can’t immediately find another job, they sign up for this form of assistance to keep a roof over their family’s head, as well as paying for food and utilities. This started out as a good thing, but got abused real fast. In my opinion, where it feel short was, that after a 6 month period and the person could not find a job in their chosen field, then they must take some kind of training in something that has job opportunities in the area they are living. This training could be paid for on a state or federal level, then repaid by having a small amount taken out of each weeks check until it is paid back. Also, if nothing local could be found in the persons primary occupation but something is available perhaps in another state that information could be set up on a nationwide data base. If the person refuses retraining or relocation then at 12 months they forfeit all benefits. Knowing that there would be a definite cut off point would be a great motivator.

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Two Cents @twocents

@jlriggs57aol-com I really like the concept you mentioned of taking a small portion out of a persons paycheck once they find a job. The taxpayers help them get back on their feet so its good concept that those individuals pay it back. It would also serve as a reason not to use the entitlement system if you are looking to abuse it because you wouldn’t want to take a training program if you are just taking advantage, and you wouldn’t want to have portions of your paycheck taken once you so decide to work. I had never considered that type of program and i really like the idea. Great point and great article by Jeisi.

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Isabelle Granter @issabell

i agree that “teaching people to fish” is more efficient in the long run.

However, when you say that the rich pay a larger percent of the total taxes in a country, you have to keep in mind that they also make the most money, so of course as a whole they pay more actual dollars in taxes!
its the percentage of individual income that matters — they could pay the same percentage on income and still contribute a higher percentage overall in dollar amounts.

the money for higher education/ vocational training needs to come from somewhere. the idea of having people pay it back from their paycheck is good, but its the same as student loans — we can contribute less to entitlement and more to educational scholarships if we want to make a difference

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Increasingly, people do not want to help themselves. Interestingly, many liberals claim that government intervention fosters a sense of “community”, but I would argue the opposite. A big government overlaps with charitable people and organizations, and creates a Big Brother to turn to, instead of looking and what YOU might do differently.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

As I have said in other topics, the “gimmes”, right now, outnumber those of us who would rather work and earn what we get. This gimme attitude is being passed down from generation to generation and they feel like a living is owed to them. Self pride and personal dignity no longer plays into it because the more a person can get the government to give them the “smarter” they seem to their peers. We are breeding generations of shiftless, lazy, useless, people and the longer the government endorses these activities the more the gimmes will increase until the country is destroyed. Make no mistake laziness can wreck a country, even one as big as America.

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Gary @grand-vizier

I think the larger problem with the entire system ,is that the way the country is being governed it MUST result in ever increasing power of the government over the citizens.
Every tax increase,new requlation ,law or agency gives more power to the government and less to the people.
Higher taxes and a more powerful IRS is just the tip of the problem.
Virtually every action taken by any individual or company is somehow controlled ,regulated,taxed,licensed prohibited,subsidized ,unionized ,or unprofitable.
No one can possibly know every law or regulation, so everyone is always in legal jeopardy. Someone from the Government can always find a way to tax,fine arrest or otherwise penalize virtually everyone.
If the goverment can decide to take from you the fruit of your efforts we have become slaves for all practical purposes. Failure to conform will deprive you of your freedom
but if you conform do you really HAVE freedom?

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TKList @tklist

Repeal the 16th Amendment, abolish the IRS and enact the Fair Tax.

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Gary @grand-vizier

It’s being said on the news today that the top ten percent of taxpayers actually pay 106% of all taxes and the bottom group take out about 16% more than they put in!
That makes sense with a steadily increasing National Debt.
Looks like the millennials are waking up to the fact their “hope and change” pick is only continuing the process of fleecing them.
Not only has our generation run up a huge debt which they are beginning to find out they are the ones designated to pay off but they need to be burdened with paying for healthcare for the old folks as well..
The Liberals have swindled the young generation out of so much they can’t believe and got them to bring the rope to their on hangings!
Obama is the smoothest con man since the cult here in California that gave up their testicles and their money as well as their lives to go join the Hale-bop comet a few years ago!

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


Gary: …..gave up their testicles! Yow, that’s out there, but so was the comet. Maybe they had to CUT their weight to get up there. I see a few nightmares in my future.

obama could write a book on mass hypnosis, he’s got the obamazombies in a deep trance.

Anyway, couldn’t agree more on how the young generation have been swindled out of a lot. If the form of taxation is not changed, the following generation will also be cheated. As I have said in the past, I truly feel the best way to solve this problem is going to be with some serious spending cuts and changing to a flat tax, no write-offs, no refunds, and a huge reduction in the size of the IRS and other government agencies.

Those who have been, and are now, “the gimmes” will always be with us as long as the government and those of a liberal nature do nothing more than feel sorry for them and want to continue the hand outs.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, continue to give a man fish and you will be feeding his family for generations.”

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TheChrisDoes @chr1sday

The underlying idea of income tax is that one’s income, one’s earned fruit of their labor, belongs to the State. A man who does not own the fruits of his labor is a slave and that’s what the debate ultimately comes down to, the choice between freedom or slavery. We would have no need for this talk of higher wages, etc. were we allowed to keep 100% of what we earn. Combine this with the dive prices would take if we abolished sales tax and there goes the issue of inaccessibility to groceries, etc.

As to the needy, there are a plethora of private charities and church programs that can and do out-perform the State in providing relief for the unemployed, etc. (the Mormons come to mind as does the Salvation Army).

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Alex Butler @thatdudeyoulike

What is so inherently evil about the income tax? You might inquire: “Alex, how is the income tax evil? The people who enacted the 16th amendment seemed to have good intentions.”

The basic evil of the income tax is that it degrades the individual by flouting his natural rights. In essence, taxation establishes a legal right in the part of the governmentt to your property and the product of your labor, and the gov’t’s “right” trumps your own. The government’s claim of right, however, extends to all of your property, not just what it actually takes. Otherwise the government would not be able to raise taxes whenever it chooses.

In this light, consider the text of the 16th amendment passed in 1913: “the congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without appointment among the several states, and without regard to any census enumeration.”

Clearly- and unlike the original constitution- there are no constitutional restrictions on what congress may take. Thus whatever portion of your own property the government declines to take is simply whatever it, in all of its professed infinite wisdom and charity, decides you may keep. With this, our income is no longer a right, and our retained income is but a privilege granted by governmentt. This arrangement illustrates one of the fundamental legal precepts of socialism: the government decides what it will take from you and what you may keep.

The system of the income tax is also the strictest form of legal positivism: if the government can say when our natural rights protect us from aggression and when they do not, there can be no such thing as natural rights. This tenuous subjective nature of our rights is reflected in the distinction between taxation and theft. Theft does not mean a taking of your property, but whatever the government determines to be an unlawful taking of your property. Thus, the contemporary understanding of theft is based not on the natural law or any ethical principle but on what lawmakers say.

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