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Interesting question that you ask. My opinion is that we should do nothing until the hostiles come to the USA – then kill all that come to the USA – members, supporters, fighters, mothers, fathers, children. No quarter, no prisoners, no stragglers, no survivors.

I don’t go to Detroit to fight the evil that is Detroit. Yes, people are killing other people in Detroit at a fast pace but that is a problem created by Michigan and Detroit working together and it is Detroit’s problem to solve.

The violence in Detroit, New York, Los Angeles isn’t a Texas problem until it gets to Texas. There was a time when the native people in Texas wanted a war. Texas played “Cowboys and Indians” and now there are no “Native Peoples” in Texas to play with.

When the hostiles get to Texas it will be time to play “Cowboys and Muslims”.

This battle between Northern Europeans and the “others” has been going on since before recorded history. There is nothing that indicates that there is a solution to be had other than a serious defense of our own territory.

It would help if the USA as a country minded the affairs and well-being of the citizens of the USA and stopped meddling in the affairs of others.

Regardless of how it got heated up this time the only solution will be the same solution that has made the “Others” not-so-aggressively-hostile in the past.

There is no indication from Japan that they are ready to play “Soldiers” with the USA again. But there is also no indication that Japan will never again attack the USA.

The policy of negotiation and appeasement has shown that the US Government has no regard for the lives of the citizens who make up the USA. The Federal Rulers get involved in issues that are of no benefit to the citizens of the USA and then the Federal Rulers throw the lives of thousands of US citizens away in a dog and pony show that is the result.

I am certain that there will be many responses to the effect of saying that the subjects of the US Federal Rulers should be honored to be martyred for the cause of US Foreign Interests.

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I want to focus on home grown terrorism first. I been upset with our President and Secretary of State refusing as they say “to legitimize ISIS by calling them Islamic.” Well, they don’t care what we call them. They call themselves the Islamic State and the only people whose opinion matters are other Muslims. I liked a blog i just read today so I’m putting the link in. It really is focusing on terrorism as a manifestation of hatred and what Americans can do about that.

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@piper-rice-7 I completely agree that home grown terrorism should be our main focus first. It is in my opinion, the least expensive and best way to keep our own citizens safe. After that I would say we should focus on keeping our embassies safe. Then finally, we can attempt to deal with the global threat of terrorism.

However I do think that we should focus on ourselves and if anyone messes with us we can deal with them. But I am tired of America being the world police. So in this sense, I agree with @peter-t-burke. If the threat comes to the USA, then it is our duty to protect our people.

@twocents I completely agree that blaming poverty or lack of job security is not looking at the whole picture. Islamic extremism is the problem, not all of Islam. They are using the prophet as a scapegoat for their violence and desire for more power. Look at ISIS, it seems to me they just want more power, control, and territory. Although until they attack the USA, I think we should stay out of it.

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