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My opinion is that Darrell Issa and Gowdy are two right wing partisan hacks. Do they ever investigate a Republican like, Dick Cheney for torture? No! As for Gruber He may be nerd smart, but he has no common sense. It looks like he was trying to be funny, and impress a group of people. He was arrogant, and smug.

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Olivia, Mr. Gruber’s attitude is not surprising. Most people who are highly educated or those in politics see the average American as not too bright, or stupid.

The liberal side of the isle do not want to hear that this was all planned by Gruber, Pelosi, obozo, and many others to deceive the American people, remove Our Constitution and Our Bill of Rights, in order to turn this into another socialist country. The liberals seem to shut their eyes, stick their fingers in their ears and go, lalalala, every time something is brought out that shows oblamer as a traitor to this country.

The fact that they did not allow anyone to read it before they passed it, should tell a huge story, to any thinking person at least. They had to keep it hidden, because if everyone had known what was in it they it would never have passed it.

The government wants this to be another socialist nation, they do not want Americans to be free. They want to have the same strangle hold on us that governments enjoy in all other countries. Proof of this is what’s happening in Washington right now. The American voters put republicans in the majority in both houses, yet the republicans are doing nothing to fight obozo and his socialist agenda. We are closer now, than ever to losing our freedom and it seems we have no where to turn except in a citizens revolt. I hope it never comes to that, but it looks more and more, like that’s where we are headed.

The saddest part is that the liberals don’t even know they are about to be made slaves by their own doing.

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@liv I must say, I am definitely disgusted by Mr. Gruber’s words. Although, I unfortunately think that this is a theme with our government and the academics that are allowed to influence politicians. They think we are stupid, and this comes from all politicians. They either think they know what’s best for us, they think we are too stupid to notice what they are really doing so they lie, or they think we are too lazy to hold them accountable. Unfortunately, sometimes this is true. The people hold the ultimate responsibility for holding our government officials and those that influence them accountable.

Unfortunately, like most things in politics. This was a big story, and it will pass. The NSA was a big story, probably one of the biggest, its passing. The CIA torture report, a big story, but passing already.

@frances-cappelletti I think you are correct that most Republicans rarely investigate Republicans. But that is also true of the left. It’s very rare to hear of Democrat attacking a Democrat. Although there are a few that have attacked their own party. For example, Senator Feinstein of California was pretty tough on Obama over the NSA spying program, especially when it was discovered that Senator emails were not safe from inspection. Lets take a look at the right, some of the biggest criticisms of the right are that they are not united. There are the Rand Paul, Ted Cruz types, and then there is the John Boehner, Mitch McConnell types. They have been at each other’s throats a lot more than the Democrats if were being truly honest here.

I may have not read the stories if they are out there though, do you have any examples of Democrats holding Democrats accountable? @Jlriggs57aol-com @liv do you guys know of any stories of Dems holding Dems accountable or Repubs holding Repubs accountable? I am intrigued to know.

@frances-cappelletti I do agree with your assessment of Gruber, that he was arrogant and smug. And to top it off, when he tried to weasel his way out of it he looked even more pathetic.

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