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Doug, the first thing I would like to say is that being 15 is not the easiest age to be. Right now you are being bombarded with conflicting information from every angle and you’re trying to sort out what’s right and what’s wrong and don’t know how to sort it out in a way that makes sense to you. Been there, done that. Unfortunately, you will probably receive a lot of conflicting comments that will only serve to further your confusion.

Let me try to black and white this for you. Your mom is talking about the moral issue in this and you are concerned about the constitutional issue.

As far as the moral issue is concerned, your mom is correct, as far as the Bible speaks on the subject. See Romans 1: 24 – 32. As far as your moms strong feelings against it, this may explain why, see Matt,12:30.

In today’s society there are many things that you will be told that is acceptable and many that will tell you to just go along with what you are being told. Don’t do it. Think for yourself.

Your answer to your mom was that, you are a Christian. If you have decided that you are a Christian then look to the Christian Bible for a lot of the answers to the millions of questions that come to a 15-year-old, most of the answers can found in it.

I will not tell you my personal opinion on the subject, I will tell you to take the time a think about it, separate faith and politics.

As I said, you will probably get a lot of different opinions on this, sort them out the best you can, talk to someone you trust if you still have a hard time coming up with an answer.


“I find that I agree fully with my good friend Patrick Henry when he said it cannot be emphasized too strongly or to often that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians, not on religions, but on The Gosple of Jesus Christ.”

Edward Rutledge, Founding Father

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@DougPolitics Its great to see someone your age on this website asking questions that matter. I commend you for looking for answers and I encourage you to keep looking for answers to as many questions as possible. Its great that you already have political opinions and interests in politics. Our country and our freedom is very important and we should do what we can to educate ourselves and preserve this great nation.

In regards to your question… I somewhat agree with @Jlriggs57aol-com. Seek your own answers. Read the bible, read scientific articles, read more articles on this website about the debate. Expose yourself to as many different opinions you can find on this topic, and then make up your own mind. Talk to gay people, talk to christians, read. Learn all the different sides of the issue and then make up your own mind.

But always remember, there are many things people believe are wrong in this world. But we must always treat each other with respect. As long as people are not hurting others, they deserve our respect. I personally believe that being gay is a personal choice which is none of my business. I stay out of it, and I don’t think gays are bad people. But I do not think being gay is what science or God intended. That is why I am not gay. But I love all gay people and I welcome them with open arms. But I will not be gay.

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@dougpolitics I agree with @coffeeaddict regarding your willingness to ask tough questions. I hope you receive many heartfelt responses. I am not gay but I support gay marriage. I have many gay friends and they are just people like you and me. They are gay, they feel they were born that way. Imagine if you loved someone and you wanted to marry them, but you couldn’t because it wasn’t allowed, its illegal. You may like girls, you may like boys, but just imagine that you couldn’t get married. Society says that you are not aloud to spend the rest of your life with the person you love. You are not allowed to have children, you are not allowed to share your finances with each other. You are not allowed to do what your friends and family are doing around you. People are getting married and you will never get married because you love someone of the same sex. Thats really sad don’t you think?

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The argument that all Christians should be against Gay marriage is an interesting one, and one that appears to be causing a good deal of controversy, even at the highest levels of the Catholic Church. The Pope doesn’t seem to care either way about the issue, (regardless of previous political opinions of his, he seems to have put them behind him on the official record) and that is a good sign for the fight for equal rights in my book. I’m not so sure about Hell, or discrimination against anyone on account of the Bible. It seems to be in violation of “God’s eternal love and mercy for all people.”

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Doug, doesn’t it seem strange to you that a movie star who is looked up to by a lot of young adults is making such a statement, especially at the Grammy’s, one of the most viewed shows of the year. The part that is kind of scary whether or not it is okay to be gay married: why did they let it happen at the Grammy’s, A music Awards event? Gay marriage at the Grammy’s sounds really out of context to me. Anyone who looks past that has a blind fold on. I think it is good you are contemplating right and wrong, be really careful trusting the media, to me this is blatant proof that they have an agenda. The American way of life is changing fast for better or for worse. You are the Future of America, be very careful letting the mainstream mold your view of right and wrong.

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Thank you everyone who commented and helped and understanded that I’m 15 I really care about politics and government because one day I want to get into politics or goverment when I’m older. I thought that I would be told that I was to younge and not to worried about this stuff. Again thank you everyone for helping

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Jumping in late but then better to be late then never!

@dougpolitics, I too think that it’s great that you have an interest in what’s going on in the real world and homosexual “marriage” is certainly an issue as of late. It is very easy to get pulled into the rhetoric of “equality” and “rights” that we are bombasted with every single day but that doesn’t mean that the rhetoric is right.

As Christians Doug, you and I believe that the Bible is the Word of God and God has made it pretty clear that homosexual behavior is wrong: in Genesis, He made Adam and Eve for each other and told them to “be fruitful and multiple”; He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of the unabashed homosexual behavior taking place in the cities; He clearly told Moses that homosexual behavior is wrong (Leveticus 18:22); when the Pharisees asked Jesus about marriage, Jesus repreated what He (God) had said at the Beginning to Adam and Eve (“be fruitful and multiple…therefore a man will leave his father and his mother and cling to his wife and the two shall become one flesh…”); and St. Paul spoke out against homosexual behavior several times in his letters. If we, as Christians, believe in God and in the BIble as His Word then it seems pretty clear that we must oppose homosexual behavior.

I have said “homosexual behavior” for a reason. We are commanded by God to love the sinner and hate the sin; it is our duty as Christians to love our family members and friends and neighbors who happen to be homosexual…but that does not mean that we are ok with what they’re doing. If you caught your brother or sister doing something wrong, you’d tell them that what they were doing was wrong. Doining so would not mean that you didn’t love him/her.

The Declaration of Independence does say that all men are created equal by our Creator but that does not mean that everything everyone does is right and it does not mean that every relationship that we get into is good or equal with other relationships. A drug addict has a relationship–a connection–with the drug dealer but the relationship is not good. I have a relationship with my dog, a relationship with my best friend from college, a relationship with my coworkers and a relationship with my dad–but are all these relationships equal? Are they all the same? The same is true with homosexual relationships. They are not the same as heterosexual relationships; the two are not equal. It is unjust to treat them the same.

A society that says homosexual people cannot get married is not discriminating against them; if two people who happen to be homosexual want to have a sexual relationship, no one is stopping them. What society is saying that marriage is for men and women to join together as only a man and a woman can in one of the most beautiful, intimate and joyful ways possible, not only to pledge themselves to each other for the rest of their lives, but to bring new life–children–into the world and to raise them with the love of their mom and dad. Children are the ultimate purpose of marriage since the reason why there is sex is so that more children can be born and raised by their mom and dad who are in a life-long relationship–and this is needed so that we don’t go the way of the dinosaurs.

By changing marriage, people are not only going against what God has specifically said in the Bible but they are also acting Unjustly since they are saying that children can be deprived of a mom and dad; that children don’t need a mom and dad–when every kid does. I know definately that I needed mine when I was a kid and so did all my brothers and sister.

The world’s a confusing place but lean on God and He won’t lead you wrong. God bless Doug!

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”
C. S. Lewis

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Thanks @philadelphus

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