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Dom Ouano @domouano

Completely agree with you Julia. Just to add to what you’re getting at, I’m no geologist… but sending that much fluid & chemicals a mile deep into the earth just screams instability. It’s an earthquake, a sinkhole, a landslide, an avalanche… just waiting to happen.

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Gary @grand-vizier

Fracking has been used over 1,000,000 times since the 1940’s.
there are exactly 0 cases of actual pollution.
Dom is right,he is no geologist and julia writes like someone who just bought a dictionary and is impressed with all the words.
I am really too bored to explain all the facts to the uninformed.It’s like trying to argue with Al Gore or teaching a pig to sing.
Fracking is a safe ,efficient way to extract more hydrocarbons for the benefit of the American people.
Nuff said.

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nathalie @nathaliedacosta

@gary im interested to hear “all the facts”— only way to fix being uninformed is with knowledge, right?

If you think somebody has a misinformed outlook, then you should show them why they are wrong.

You can fix ignorance! (stupidity, though, is immutable)

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Isabelle Granter @issabell

i agree, I wold love to hear how fracking isn’t an environmental hazard!

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Julia Wotten @juliaw

Fracking is absolutely an environmental hazard! They are misleading us:

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Gary @grand-vizier

Please provide an actual demonstrated case of environmental damage from fracking.
The pretty picture of a waterfall is nice.
Absolutly useless as an example though.
Maybe next time a nice puppy picture will be more pursuasive and I will decide you were right.

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mike @heymikey80

Fracking uses industrial quality water, not drinking water. It also ivolves uner 1% of the water used in the US, and affects a tiny fraction of the water used for electric production: dams which are killing the salmon species in the wild.

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mike @heymikey80

Fracking fluid itself doesnt have radioactive materials. Some wastewater will contain small amounts of whatevers down there, I expect thats where some of the list comes from.

Known carcinogens is kind of ironic, considering that oil itself is a carcinogen, a poison, and not recommended for consumption. But if its disposal we’re talking about, these are disposed in the refinement process.

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Tupp @tupp77

I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth TX area.
We have thousands of gas wells here.
There have been independent studies done by local groups that show high levels of volatiles being released into the air around operating gas wells.
TX is currently under severe drought conditions.
The fracking industry is still allowed to pull millions upon millions of gallons of well water from private wells.
Combined with the drought, this is making some cities that use wells to run out of water.

And where does all the used fracking water go when they are done with it? They either pump it into big plastic lined pits to evaporate or they pump it back into the ground for “permanent disposal”.

We have gas wells all over the place…right in the cites.
Fly into DFW airport and you can see a couple of wells just SE of the airport.

I am old enough to remember the controversies over DDT, leaded gas, dioxin and a few others.
Each time, the industry involved had lots of “studies” to prove their product was safe. They also had lots of “studies” that showed how bad it would be for society to get rid of the product.
In all cases, industry was wrong and we used their products for years, trashing the environment the entire time.

The one question I would like to ask the fracking industry is:
If your product is as safe as you say, why do keep trying to dodge real independent or federal scrutiny?

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Damien Christian @djc91ua

@brandonkillian I support fracking because of its economic benefits. Most economist are projecting the United States to become one the top oil exporters, if not the top, by 2020 because of fracking. That is good for the economy, national security, and foreign relations.

September 30, 2013

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David Welch @galvezguy

Yes, let’s stop fracking. Let’s pay $10 gallon for gas and watch poor people lose even more jobs. Let’s put the economy into a bigger recession. By all means stop it. We can’t have energy independence. Who will the Saudi’s threaten with price hikes if we do that?

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alex @erioalex

and if you really believe fracking has anything to do with America’s “energy independence” I’ve got some pipeline in Los Angeles I’d be willing to sell ya at a bargain …

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Jack @jack

@Grand-vizer, Do you not want to explain your “Facts” because you don’t know any? Or because they’re all wrong? Lets hear them.

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Coffee Addict @coffeeaddict

This article shows that the flaming water actually existed in Texas before fracking ever existed. Fracking is not to blame for flaming water, fracking is safe:

Thoughts? How do you explain this?

@tupp77 @heymikey80 @grand-vizier @nathaliedacosta @domouano @brandonkillian @erioalex @jack @galvezguy @djc91ua

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Coffee Addict @coffeeaddict

The latest argument from the anti fracking movement is that Fracking uses too much water, and especially because of the drought in California, we cannot afford the water.

Little fact: Fracking uses less water than a family of 4. Fracking uses 1/10 the average water used by a single golf course. So to put it in perspective, if you really want to save water there are bigger fish to fry, and the benefits from fracking regarding energy prices is far greater than asking one single family of 4 to stop using water all together.

@tupp77 @heymikey80 @grand-vizier @nathaliedacosta @domouano @erioalex @Jack @juliaw @galvezguy @djc91ua @brandonkillian

In other news, I want to know what you guys think about this:

Hollywood celebrities are caught on tape at the Beverly Hills Hotel to discuss the funding of the next anti fracking movie. They thought they were meeting with a Middle Eastern Oil Production family member. Thoughts?

and you can watch the entire unedited footage HERE:

Pretty sketchy if you ask me.

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Lisa @lcraighead

Fracking does indeed cause environmental damage. Local water tables are contaminated. Up to 600 chemicals are used in fracking fluid, including known carcinogens and toxins. The chemicals in the water forced into the earth are dangerous to human and animal health. Why else would NC go so far as to forbid the public from knowing what is in the fracking water they are using?
Hydraulic fracturing is the process of drilling and injecting fluid, containing water, chemicals, and sand, into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside to get to a larger area and get more natural gas the wells are often drilled horizontal. Each fracking site requires around four hundred tanker trucks of water to be shipped to the drilling site. Around 1 to 8 million gallons of water are used for each well. 50% or less of the fracking fluid is recovered and is left in open pits to evaporate, this puts volatile organic compounds into the air creating contaminated air, acid rain, and ground level ozone.
Here are a few facts that are usually undisputed on both sides. The level of methane in water wells near fracking sires are 17% higher than average water wells. contaminated water doesn’t always get into the drinking water. This depends on several factors; the depth of the water well, the geographical features of the rock beds between the fracking site and the area surrounding the sites, and the adherence to proper procedures by the industry doing the fracking.
Exposure to these chemicals does cause serious health problems. There have been many cases of the water table in a specific areas being permanently contaminated so that the property owners can’t continue to live on the property and can’t sell the property, though not as many as have been claimed in some documentaries. The fact that it does happen needs to be addressed by the industry and as much as possible made right with the people effected.
Fracking as well as drilling for oil is not the best long term solution for energy needs. Obtaining fossil fuels is damaging to the environment. There will have to be a shift into renewable energy, though I do understand that it can’t happen overnight, It will happen.
In the meantime a few things need to happen. The Frack Act, (fracturing responsibility and awareness of chemicals act), which would require industry to disclose all chemicals used in fracking. This should not be a problem if, as the industry claims, it is not harmful. The second is to repeal the exemption from the safe drinking water act. This should have never have been allowed in the first place and has bred the mistrust of the industry.
Neither side is telling the whole truth. An informed opinion can only be reached with research and facts from sources that have nothing to gain from either side.

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