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Two Cents @twocents

@Conserj I do not want the same old same. I am not from Kentucky, however if I was I would definitely want Mitch McConnell gone. He has been there for 30 years according to your article and what has he accomplished? Seriously…

I really enjoyed this page: showing the differences between Matt Bevin and Mitch McConnell. Although I really hope Matt Bevin doesn’t do what most people do when they get to Washington, cave.

We need principled people. I will continue to follow this race.

As to your question about national implications. I do think that this could shed some light on where the country is. If we are willing to throw people out of office that aren’t principled, or if we will follow the traditional path of choosing candidates that we think can win. I personally ant principled politicians. I think the reason our candidates sometimes can’t win is because no one believes in anyone anymore. We need candidates we can not only believe in, but that we feel are real and that they are who they say they are and they believe what they say they believe. No more lying to us and telling us what we want to hear. We need leaders.

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J Craig @conservj

@twocents I agree with you and sadly McConnell has taken his length of stay in office as some sort of a guarantee that he will win. He is mistaken. His votes and backdoor deals have done more than upset Kentuckians, but pissed off a lot of Americans.

Thank you for reading my article. Matt Bevin is a principled conservative and a man of integrity and character that we can believe in. He is like a Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. I have spoken to him quite a few times and I have thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. This man has already cut a 50 point lead down to 22 points! This is HUGE with an incumbent.

I like you do not want the same old same and believe we need new blood and fresh voices in Congress. Too often these old guys will stay in office far too long and allow the Washington swamp to suck them in and they forget why they were sent there in the first place. Matt Bevin is not like this.

Kentucky is and will be the biggest race to watch this election cycle and what happens to Mitch can happen to any other incumbent. We the people are watching.

I am all in for this guy and will be working my butt off to make sure he defeats Mitch McConnell in May. We just have to continue working on getting Matt’s name out there to improve his name recognition to voters.

Good luck to us all.

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Two Cents @twocents

@Conservj Its good to hear someone is working hard to get rid of McConnell. That point drop is definitely something to watch out for! I also think that it shows how incumbents are going to face some serious consequences for their actions this November. I wonder if we can get some of them out of office and also get rid of the Democrats in the Senate and hold the house. We could really turn this country around. The only problem is we still have Obama in the Whitehouse. did you see this video?

“I’ve got a pen and I can use that pen to sign executive orders.” so disgusting

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danny.shouse.3 @danny-shouse-3

I’m also working to get Matt Bevin elected. I first voted for Mitch when he ran for County Judge Executive, so I have supported & voted for Mitch for years, however I can no longer support him. He has turned his back on the citizens of Ky & the US, many times.DC needs to change for the better, that won’t happen with McConnell.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

@conservj, thanks for the information. Although I live in WV, I was born at Fort Knox, so I have some interest in what goes on in my state of birth. Since I was born in Ky. does that make me a natural-born citizen of the state? :)

@twocents, good information, as usual. McConnell might as well be a democrat according to the information given on your link. Hope we all have a good hunt when RINO season gets here.

@danny-shouse-3, can’t remember seeing any of your posts before, but if this is an indicator, I hope to be seeing more of them. We need more folks with common sense.

In general, I think we need to put an end to career politicians, 2 terms president, 3 terms for everyone else. I hope Bevin wins and it encourages and emboldens other states to stand up to the politicians who have been leading this country into ruin.

Benjamin Franklin, 1787

“Let me add that only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

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Coffee Addict @coffeeaddict

@conservj @twocents @danny-shouse-3 @jlriggs57aol-com

Hey guys, I came across this article in the Washington Examiner about Mitch McConnell. He is attempting to block and EPA regulation on the coal industry. I happen to agree with this action, but I am assuming it is a ploy to gain support in the hopes of pushing Matt Bevin out. Mitch McConnell is a snake in the grass in my opinion, so I completely agree with the original poster on this thread, we need to get rid of him. He was threatening Ted Cruz and anyone that was working with freedomworks, a group I support and think is doing great things for America. We definitely need people like him out that still want to push the progressive agenda.

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J Craig @conservj

Great responses from all of you! I am glad to see that this race interests many of you and you can see that we need new blood in Congress. I feel that when McConnell is defeated, this will cause a ripple effect within the Senate and will allow us to truly reboot the GOP.

Mitch may have the money, but it will be the power of the grassroots that will win this for Matt Bevin. Be sure to visit to learn more about him and if you can, SHARE this article ( on your social media accounts.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


Coffee Addict, I think your assessment of mr. mcconnell is pretty spot on. He needs to go.

J Craig, I hope Bevin wins and that it has the ripple effect that you spoke of, we need that to happen.

Two Cents, there needs to some new rules on the use of the executive order. Such as:

* It can only be used in time of war.
* It can only be used X amount of times for each term of office.
* If congress should find that an executive order would be a detriment to the people of this country or would by-pass or do harm to Our Constitution, then they would be able to override the order.
* Any president who is found to be using executive orders to further his own interests should be removed from office.

I’m just spit-balling, but you get the idea.

Is it just me or does it seem that the things that made this country great are the things our politicians are trying to do away with?

Thomas Jefferson 1781

“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories.”

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