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I disagree. While past presidents have done what the current president is doing, that does not not make it legal or right. Now because congress does not act, that does not give the president a green light to move forward. The president has created a new class of people over others, this is discrimination.

Let’s move to the beginning of this topic. First off don’t let anyone just say “the immigration system is broken”. What is broken? We have a method for people to immigrate, we have laws against employers using workers that are not allowed to work in this country.

I am for higher wages, which is what we would get if employers were required to E-verify all employees, and employers that had workers who SS#’s did not match, would not be allowed to expense these wages. In the end if illegal aliens could not find work, they would leave. Wages would rise and our economy would improve. Productivity would decrease for a time, however then our economy would find new ways to advance technologically.

I want workers treated fairly, illegal aliens may not be. I am for a guest worker program.

The immigration system is not broken, our current laws are not enforced.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


Nicely said Jackson, could not agree more.

What failed with Reagan is what has failed all along, we did not secure our border. Nothing will change until we secure it.

What I am about to say is pure opinion about what I would like to see done as far as our immigration mess we have.

* Secure the border.

* Amend Our Constitution to remove the natural birth citizenship. If you are here illegally your child does not have citizenship here. If you are here on a work visa and you have a child, they are not a citizen. If you are here on vacation and you give birth here while on vacation your child is not a citizen. (And have it retro-active 10 or 20 years)

* After the border is secured, stop any immigration for a set number of years until we can get this country out of the financial mess it is in.

* While a halt on our immigration is in effect, we slowly and methodically remove those who are here illegally along with any children they may have had while they were here illegally. We have enough criminals of our own we don’t need to keep more.

* If and when, we get the majority of the illegals out of the country and we get our economy and national debt in a good place, we can start allowing some to come in on work visas.

A lot of people on the left probably won’t like this, but this is what I feel, is the best way to handle our invasion from the south.

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Regardless of which President or what topic…

(the government including POTUS is subject to rule of law)…

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