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Gary @grand-vizier

I am beyond being surprised by almost anything Obama may say.
Whether or not he was “sincere” is impossible to judge. He is a politician.
How could anyone begin to determine his “sincerity”?
The real question is why the “Trevon” case is the subject of all this attention.
With Blacks amounting to 13% of the population and committing over 50% of the homicides,93% of which is Black on Black murders, what is the reason to address the Zimmerman issue as a national agenda. In the real world it was just a local shooting for which Zimmerman was aquitted.
No news at all in Chicago or many other cities every day.
Why is the Justice department focusing on this single regretable case rather than the much larger national interest of black crime in general.
The IRS scandal, for example is actually of National interest to everyone ,and yet the Justice Department seems incapable of mounting any effort to seek answers to questions of interest to ALL Americans.
Instead it is struggling to fabricate another charge for Mr. Zimmerman.
The police indicate that Trevon was searched at school and had 12 pieces of women’s jewlery and a screwdriver that could be used as a burglary tool in his backpack.
School police had videoed Trevon in unauthorized spaces and acting suspicious on previous occasions as well as suspending him for obscene graffiti and he was suspected of being a small time dope dealer.
Mr Zimmerman was not the first person to regard him with suspicion. Of course the Media has not mentioned this information at all.
Finally I do resent the constant accusations of race bias against all White people over this case.
There is a reason why Jesse Jackson, no defender of White people I think we can agree, says when he hears footsteps behind him in a dark street he is relieved when he sees they are “White” people.
White people, along with others, died by the tens of thousands 150 years ago to free “black” people.
It has been fifty plus years since civil rights bills and affirmative action was passed with white votes. Along with untold BILLIONS of dollars spent on the effort.
We “whites”, who were the majority, along with others have twice elected a Black President of the United States along with Black Judges, City Councilmen, Senators, Representatives, Mayors, Police Chiefs, Governors, Supreme Court Justices, heads of the State Department, Attorney General, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the Military, as well as heads of businesses large and small.
There remains as far as I can see no position in the USA to which a qualified Black person may aspire that is closed to them if they put forth the effort, Just like anyone else. Even if it were true that extra effort was required, that is something many others have had to deal with. Life is difficult, get over it.
How long are others supposed to feel guilty before the Black segment of the population joins all the other segments of the population in taking responsibility for its own actions. How long before Black leaders wait to tell their followers to change their actions if they want different results?
So, to answer the question “did Obama inject himself into something he shouldn’t”
and “is he sincere”?
How can he have time to enter the fray over Zimmerman, a case resolved in court but at the same time be too exhaulted and important to call Putin about the Snowden matter which he keeps saying is a serious National Security matter involving the entire country. Zimmerman is not even close to a “national” matter.
I think he was honestly reflecting his inner feelings but I think his feelings are not reality.
Or maybe he just wants to talk about ANYTHING but Obamacare, Benghazi,the IRS, the National Debt or Joblessness.
Do you think that could be it?

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Mary @gopgirl1991

What Obama should have done was meet with health insurance companies and doctors to determine what would be the right course of action. Here’s the thing, there doesn’t need to be 20,000+ pages of regulations. I like the concept of preventing health insurance companies from denying patients with pre-existing conditions. I also support the concept of children staying on their parent’s insurance until 26.

However, the ACA slaughters businesses. Small businesses are cutting hours of all their employees so that they all work less than 30 hours a week. Then, they don’t have to provide health insurance to their employees anymore. The question then becomes, who is more important, the citizens or small business owners?

I guess the government just needs to focus on economic issues. The social ones aren’t important, and won’t be until we fix our economy. Obamacare is putting us deeper and deeper in debt and we aren’t getting anything good out of it.

PS, ladies, buy your own birth control pills if you want them so badly.

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Bryce Schimmers @devilcon18

I think he has had multiple opportunity’s to tell the nation to call down and respect the verdict. He hasn’t been acting presidential at all, at least from what I’ve observed lately.

When he said that “if Trayvon was white, that the outcome could have been different” i thought that was one of the stupidest things he could have said. He could have said that Zimmerman is innocent, now lets leave it alone. Or something like that. The president shouldn’t bring out his own personal opinion into civil cases. Especially this one where there wasn’t even a case until politicians and others went crazy about it.

But the you go over to Holder, its not just Obama, its the people in power. Holder can investigate the Zimmerman case, but not the IRS? I just feel like this whole administration really doesn’t care about EVERYONE. It’s the DOJ, Holder needs to get his head out of his ass, because when even Obama wants you to resign, you know it’s bad.

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Julia Wotten @juliaw

I disagree with all of you. Obama hasn’t united the US because the 1% has refused to address the concerns of the people Obama is attempting to give a voice. Obama is speaking up for the poor, the gay, the minorities in this country, and Republicans and the wealthy refuse to accept their opinions as real opinions. You guys just dismiss the opinions and say they don’t matter, but WE MATTER. Gays will finally feel like they have a say because of Obama. Blacks will finally feel like someone is standing up for them. The IRS scandal was not a scandal, it was the IRS doing what it is meant to do, going after groups that try to avoid paying taxes. The Tea Party is against taxes and you really believe they weren’t trying to work the system? Isnt it Republicans that believe people take advantage of the system? Or do you only believe that poor people try to take advantage of the system?

@Grand-Vizier you make a good point, whites have stood up for African Americans through out history. However, only half of them. There is still half of the country that has racism and hate inside of them. We need to get rid of hate all together.

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Gary @grand-vizier

How did you come up with “half”of them?
Is that a scientific study or just liberal guessing stated as a fact.
Personally I don’t mind Obama speaking up for the Gays, minorities and poor.
I think thats great!
I would like what he says to be true though.
I saw no indication Zimmerman profiled anyone.
Zimmerman,white people or races other than “Black” are not murdering the vast majority of Blacks. Blacks are doing that all by themselves. 13% of the population accounts for over 50% of the murders.
What do whites and other races have to do with a 75% rate of illegitimate births in the Black community?
No other race in history has had so much money and effort expended with such meager results. I don’t know why.
Blacks have shown time and again they are the equal of ANYBODY in virtually every field.
Business, Sports,the Arts, Politics,the Military, Banking, Law Practice, Medicine.
I can not think of a single thing which I do not believe Black people have not proven their equality.
I will say it again,”proven” their equality !
So why is there a culture of ‘Victimhood”?
This is a question for the Black “leaders”.
Personally I am really tired of hearing it.
Most of the comments I hear are really demeaning to Black people and those comments are coming from Black leaders,not whites or other races.
They stand up and spout stupid things that aren’t true on their face. Unfortunately some believe them.
Until that changes and victimhood stops being the default setting for anything that happens I doubt there will be much change.
Thats the real tragedy.

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linda @lulubelle

The only thing the POTUS ‘should’ do is ask all citizens to remain calm, unite together as Americans, and believe in our justice system. However, this POTUS can not bring himself to do that. He forever denigrates America, the American people, the justice system and our constitution. He inserts himself when he should stay neutral, and turns a blind eye when he should take a stand ( Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, AP, Israel, etc…) God help this country recover from the Obama years.

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Bryce Schimmers @devilcon18

@juliaw Obama speaks for the poor? Obama hasn’t done anything for the poor! It’s funny you say for the poor, considering that when he took office, there were 38.3 million people in poverty, and now, after 5 years of Obama, there are about 50.3 million. I would like to know how anyone is benefiting from that. He can “speak” for the poor all he wants, but don’t tell me that he’s helping. I also assume you haven’t looked at the black unemployment rate lately?

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J Craig @conservj

@juliaw Not sure what you mean by Obama speaking ‘for’ the poor when he has kept many of them there or worse throughout his Presidency because of his policies. That has nothing to do with Republicans. The 1% is keeping Obama from uniting America? Really? Blacks will feel like someone is standing up for them? How? By making sure they continue to play the victim or feel they should look at others differently? No jobs. No solutions on crime. No independence. Only more policies that continue to keep people dependent on the govt.

The entire point from this speech he gave was aimed to focus attention on a local trial because of race and race alone. He gave this speech, which may have hit home with certain people, but it certainly did nothing to calm anyone down. His remarks were inappropriate and continued to add fuel to the racial fire he and his supporters (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson) started. He has not helped the poor and he certainly has not helped the Black community as they still have a very high unemployment rate and still murdering other Blacks at an insanely high rate.

I won’t even touch the IRS much or whatever else as this is not the thread for the “alleged” phony scandals. I will say though that whoever thinks the IRS isn’t a scandal obviously hasn’t followed along the entire process of what the investigations have uncovered. To summarize: President Obama’s race speech did nothing to unite America or calm anyone down. He injected himself in a local case, made sure his DOJ was involved, then proceeded to use it to add to the racial division that has been occurring because of it.

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Julia Wotten @juliaw

@Conservj The President acknowledged how black people feel every single day of their lives. He acknowledged it, that means he gave them a voice. He identified with them, when usually everyone just ignores the black community or blames them for their situation. The President cannot change laws in the snap of a finger, he cannot enact laws without the help of Congress. The house refuses to act on anything, which is why the Republican Party is called the party of NO. Obama is a leader, that is why he gives speeches that lead. By acknowledging the racism in America toward the black community he is encouraging society to act, and acknowledging the fact that racism is real, and we are hurting the black community. The black community would be helped if the House was willing to write and vote on laws to improve their education. Blacks would be helped if Republicans weren’t trying to force them in to poverty by denying them the help they need through food stamps, welfare, housing assistance, etc. How are people supposed to help themselves when they are in extreme poverty?

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Gary @grand-vizier

Obama leads like the ponies going in circles at the fair.
Everyday he has something new to say,changing the subject from what he said the day before.
A few days later that becomes “old news”, forget about it.
Under Obama disposable income has shrunk.
Use of food stamps has nearly doubled.
The national debt increased more than under any other president.
Regulations are killing the economy.
Taxes are much greater.
Americas power is greatly diminished.
Scandals abound.
The IRS is being used for political ends.
All the progress made in the middle east has been lost.
Iran is about to finish a nuclear weapon.
Egypt is unstable.
Distrust among races is far worse.
Obamacare is turning into a train wreck.
We still don’t have answers in the Benghazi disaster.
Fast and Furious (remember that) has NEVER been explained.
The Fed has no clue how to redeem all the bonds that has been issued.
Sounds like a great time to sell fiddles in Washington to me.

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com

I wish the statement I am about to make was not true, but sadly it is. Most, notice I am saying most; not all, liberals who agree with mr. obama about at least one thing, will agree with and defend everything he says or does. It is so bizarre. Why can’t they say that they agree with him on issue X, but not on Y or Z? It’s almost like they go blind and they lose the ability to think for themselves, like a liberal hypnosis. It is not my intention to bash liberals, they have the right to believe whatever they want to believe, I just find this phenomenon fascinating.

As far as obama dividing this country, was there ever any doubt that dividing us was what his intentions were from the beginning. Divide and conquer. You cannot conquer a country that is united together for the cause of liberty. The only way to conquer such a country is to cause the people to see each other as the enemy. Once this is done, taking over is easy.

Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia, made this statement about obama, “He is either an idiot or he is purposely trying to destroy the American economy.” The man doesn’t even live here and he can see that obama is a traitor to his own country.

Obama’s intentions are, in fact, to divide this country. Anyone who can’t see it either has their head buried in the sand or their thinking has been taken over by liberal hypnosis.

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