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Matt, I know I will probably draw some heat for this, but here is how all the numbers add up to me.

This administration is pushing socialism, real hard, the only way you can get people to agree to socialism is to get them in a bind, make life hurt a little, then the government can step in and be the hero and all the while pushing to get things taken away like, God, jobs, guns, personal liberties, and self-worth and self-esteem.

In order to take a country from free republic to socialism, you must first get the people in a certain mindset, a mind set that tells a person that there is no other hope, so they must rely on the government to take care of them.

The liberals, and that includes RINOs, have worked for decades to grow the government into this huge tax sucking monstrosity. They have systematically taxed, regulated, and fined businesses until their growth is extremely stymied or they go under. These things also hold down the number of new businesses that would have started, but didn’t.

Follow the link below to an article on government interference in business. Here is an excerpt from the article.

“Left to its own devices, the free market system has an amazing ability to respond to shortages or surpluses in an agile manner. Further, since no oversight or intervention is needed, this system incurs no overhead costs and does not require a wealth sucking bureaucracy.”

The reason that most of the sustaining jobs are low-waged & unskilled, is because these are the jobs that will bear up to the poor economy. It is easier to higher 10 minimum wage workers and accomplish much, than it is to hire 4 trained and skilled welders at 25 dollars an hour and accomplishing some.

The price for services being higher will naturally drive down that source of work, especially in a poor economy. There would be some who would say that all that has to be done is pay the welder minimum wage, but why would an experienced, well trained, or sometimes welding school educated welder work so hard for minimum wage when he could work a third as hard for the same money at Mickey D’s.

Lesson taxes and regulations on businesses, shrink government, and then watch business and jobs grow.

Good Topic. Hope this helped.

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Great topic, I will agree with Riggs on his conclusions of the government becoming a tax sucking monstrosity, however I won’t give the politicians credit for creating it on purpose. Most of them are not smart enough. LOL! I do believe however, that within our government there are the individuals that do have a grand plan to create a socialistic nation. I think that either they, or the people that control them, do want to fundamentally transform America.

So although I cannot give all of our progressive politicians the credit for moving us toward socialism, but one cannot deny that it is happening.

Back to the topic of creating jobs.

I think we need to decrease regulation on business, decrease taxes, and allow the market to control prices relate to employment. What people don’t understand is that hiring the minimum wage in return just increases the price of the products where they work. The company never eats the cost of paying employees more, they pass that along to the consumer, or just straight up don’t hire more people, which definitely doesn’t create jobs.

Our government should create incentives for people to want to hire more people and expand their business. The only way to do that is to decrease regulations, stop raising the minimum wage, and stop placing so many burdensome corporate taxes on businesses.

On top of that, I think our government needs to get out of the way in some industries. Such as energy, lets stop trying to force companies to invest in wind and solar power, and instead allow the free market to push companies to invest in energy that they (the experts) are looking to invest in. Fracking is an industry in which there are thousands of jobs waiting to be created, but our government cannot get out of the way and let the free market and the people in that industry get to work.

Same when it comes to the Keystone pipeline, our government cannot decide if its safe or not. Meanwhile jobs are not even coming in to existence because of their inefficient ways of handing the matter.

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Hello, Matt, you still with us?

Anyway, I think I may have taken the term sustainable the wrong way. My mind was thinking jobs that are long-term, instead of jobs that pay enough to live off of.

If I got it backwards, my apologies.

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Matt @here-to-learn

I was aiming for the paying enough to live off of, but the long term factor is important as well. Deregulation and easing burdens on businesses obviously promotes growth. But its quite obvious that robotics and other technological advancements make manufacturing a dying industry for labor. The points on energy were interesting. Using natural resources on our shores would remove dependence on unstable nations and give us an exportable product: energy. If we can produce enough energy, we can strengthen a sustainable sector.

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Sustainable jobs? Very simple – you can sustain your job when you don’t cause a problem that has a monetary cost to your employer.

You fight with co-workers? Your job is not sustainable.
You vote for politicians that raise your employers costs? Your job is not sustainable.

You don’t make yourself a profitable or thrifty part of your employer’s efforts to be prosperous? Your job is not sustainable.

If you are looking for making long term profits from your job nothing could be simpler – just acquire the skills and abilities that people are willing to pay more for. No big deal!

You can thrive and prosper by exchanging your talents, skills, and abilities with someone who will give you money for what you have gain from the use of your time so far.

I really don’t know why this is such a difficult concept for so many people. This discussion is going on almost everywhere in the country except at the country clubs, nice restaurants, beach resorts and the other places where people who learned how to answer this gather.

Life is Quid Pro Quo – This for that. If you want more Quo in your life all you have to do is offer more Quid.

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If Obama is pushing socialism on the people of America, trying to put people into bad times, and take away God, self-esteem, self-worth and liberty, then he’s doing a REALLY bad job at it.

President Barrack Obama?
Worst. Socialist. Ever.

The stock market is up to record levels and the economy has been consistently adding jobs, gay marriage is on its way to nationwide recognition, acceptance of all people, straight, gay, native, immigrant, rich, poor, black, white, is on the rise, legalization of marijuana is imminent, and Obama is a Christian himself, so he’s not going to take away God.

All of those things nourish and support our Capitalist economy, liberty, self-esteem and self-worth, liberty again, and preservation of religion.

Keep thinking that Obama is the socialist, atheist (which isn’t even that bad), anti-job creator, liberty hating scumbag that you so clearly believe he is. That is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. However, that doesn’t make your opinion true in any sense, as I have just proven. I advise you to reconsider.

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obama is not a Christian, he is, in fact, a muslim. His dad was a radical muslim and he raised his son to be a muslim. I can say I’m a cocker spaniel, but that doesn’t make me one.

You said: Keep thinking that Obama is the socialist, atheist (which isn’t even that bad),……………

If he wants to be an atheist, that’s his business, I don’t care, but I do not want a president that is a socialist or communist as my president.

You didn’t prove anything when our economy is only growing at 1 or 2% that isn’t growth that’s almost standing still. Those you mentioned that are now getting nationwide recognition, have had nationwide recognition for decades.

The legalization of drugs is a negative that will only harm this country.

Jack I will give your words back to you. “That is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. However, that doesn’t make your opinion true in any sense, as I have just proven. I advise you to reconsider.”

No malice intended, I just disagree.

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Speaking for myself;
I don’t care if The Obama is an atheist Buddhist Muslim Catholic with a girl friend, a boy friend, and a big dog, who runs around with a tin foil hat and a bong full of marijuana.

With regards to my political views:
I am a liberal conservative Jeffersonian Democratic Republican.

In other words; I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t do it to me without my informed consent.

I don’t believe that The Obama and his Obamites are turning the USA into a socialist country. I think they are putting the finishing touches on the last of the conversion that was started under Theodore Roosevelt and the Progressive Republicans.

The Obama is a British citizen by birthright and he is a US citizen by birthright. His father was a citizen of Kenya (a British subject country at the time) and his mother was a US citizen born in Kansas. George Washington was not born in the USA either neither was Thomas Jefferson so that is not the issue that they addressed in the US Constitution. Obfuscation will not make this topic any clearer or more comprehensible.

The mythical base in Shangri La known by the code name “Wall Street” is reaching record prices – and astounding volatility. That does not indicate a growing or healthy economy. That just means that the same apples are selling for a higher average price.

If the number of companies trading on the various exchanges from the NYSE to the pink sheets over the counter was expanding I would agree that the economy is growing. Since that is not what is happening I don’t agree that the economy is growing except in the minds of people with no real understanding of what is happening around them.

A share of common stock is a share of ownership in the company. The total number of share of common stock issued by a company represents 100% ownership. The total number of shares issued times the current market selling price is the present valuation of the company.

The Wiltshire 5000 tracks the total valuation of all of the US companies and their total number of shares issued. They then price that out at current market for a total valuation that is the US Gross National Product (US GNP).
Currently the US GNP is equal to the US Gross National Debt.

That means that the net worth in real world terms is $0.

If you owe in debts the same amount as you own and earn – you are on the edge of real insolvency (“broke” in my daily language). One penny more and you are insolvent – flat busted. Not dead but penniless.

I am making fairly good money in the current market but I understand that the US cannot spend its way out of debt and it cannot print its way out of debt – so I am making provisions for my continued survival in the style of living that I have become accustomed to. I am trading on volatility (price changes in normal English). I buy and sell the same equities (stocks) and pocket the difference. That is not a growing economy – that is just more traffic in the cash box due to higher prices.

I do not think that The Obama is evil incarnate. I do think that he is a product of his environment and he is a reflection of the failed policies of the past 50 years. I didn’t vote for him to take the job as President but at the same time I didn’t see anyone else being offered who was any better – different yes, but better? No! It is true that an apple with a worm in it is still an apple but I don’t think that 3 worms makes an apple better than one with 4 worms – just not as bad.

When I hire somebody to do a job I look for results. I don’t care what his predecessor did or why. I don’t listen to, or place any value on, excuses.

The Obama was presented by The Obamites as the man to do the job. The Obama made direct claims that he was the man for the job.

In my world you ride for the brand, or you ride on. There are no other options. You are either the solution or the problem. Anything, without except or limit, that happens on my ranch is my responsibility – from rain to missing toilet paper it is my responsibility to get it handled. No excuses – no bullshit.

The number of people not working is a good measure of the progress of the economy since the population is continuously expanding. Changing how that number is counted is not fooling anyone. Regardless of how you count your fingers you still have the same number of fingers. Figures don’t lie but liars sure can figure.

For all of his bullshit Obama is not smart enough to realize that he screwed the job up – and he is not man enough to saddle up and ride on. He will stay until they turn the lights out and somebody else moves in.

Don’t get me wrong. I am prospering and thriving and making sure that my kids do the same. No debt, I bought out my neighbors, and I have a great income. My issue is not that everything is terrible under Obama because it isn’t – my issue is that this should not be the way it is getting done.

I can expand my ranch by burning out the neighbors and stealing the cattle but that is not the way I should do things. Just because I can do it doesn’t mean that it is the right way to go about things.

Jack, I do appreciate exchanges with you. You have your point of view and I can respect that. Don’t misunderstand – I mean no disrespect.

When you are the man for the job your results are the only thing that matters.

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