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Brandon Killian @brandonkillian

Rubio and Paul are VERY different types of Republicans, who have often shown to be on the opposite ends of very important pieces of legislation.

They are the embodiment of the divide in the Republican party – a Constitutionalist (Paul) and the traditional Republican (Rubio). I doubt they’d ever run together for these reasons alone.

However if they did, with the purpose of putting together the Libertarian and Conservative wings, it could possibly work…but I doubt it very much.

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Two Cents @twocents

As Brandon said, I could see them pulling together the Libertarian and Conservative movements. I am wondering who would run for President, and who would run VP. Marco Rubio needs to work on his speaking. I know the left took it a little far with how dramatic they made the water gulp. But I saw Rubio’s CPAC speech and he made the same mistake. HYDRATE Marco! I dont care that your thirsty but when your speaking and you sound like your mouth is dry its distracting and it makes it harder for people to listen to what you are saying.

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Rand Paul is saying all the right things, and speaking to every one that will listen. As a Tea Party hater and with a great dislike of the Libertarians I must say I have been impressed by Paul these last few months. His POTUS response was so much better than Rubio’s. I applaud his willingness to speak at Howard and his liberal stance on the immigration issue. The problem with libertarians is foreign policy, drugs and their belief that there is no role for government. The GOP will win when it goes back to the values of Reagan, his pragmatism and big tent. We do not have to surrender our conservative values, only accept that Americans have the right to be wrong. When we truly love freedom and liberty for all Americans we will win at the national level again.

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Coffee Addict @coffeeaddict

@wlshow It sounds like Marco Rubio is leading the way, I am seriously not a fan of his.

I was a fan of Rand Paul, but I’ve seen his crazy side come out a bit more which is very troubling to me. For example, I just posted an article on this site about Rand Paul and vaccines, I think I’ve seen him pander to his base a little bit too much. I think he is wavering from his beliefs with the pressure of running for President and listening to pollsters.

I really don’t like Marco Rubio’s tax plan. You can read more about it here for anyone that is interested:

He plans to raise taxes to 35% for anyone making over 75,000. I think that is ridiculous! People making 75k will go home with only 48,750. That doesnt seem fair to me.

I want everyone to pay less. I want government to spend less. I want everyone to have more money in their own pockets.

Marco Rubio is proving to be a traditional Republican, he wants government to maintain control, and the scales to tip in the way that benefits the Republican Party rather than all Americans. I am not a fan.

@fredh @twocents @brandonkillian

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James L. Riggs @jlriggs57aol-com


The choice between these two isn’t that hard of a choice. If you want a conservative, then you vote Rand Paul. If you want another liberal who will continue on obozo’s path to socialism then vote for Rubio.

I personally don’t see where the choice is so tough. Vote conservative, Paul, to hopefully get this country back on track or vote for the liberal to get more of the same that we’ve been getting.

What’s tough?

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