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@darraghr I am so glad you posted this topic. American’s are not as concerned about their health as they should be. And the FDA, EPA, DOA, and every other government agency involved with approving what we eat and produce as “food” has standards that are far below what is acceptable for our bodies to consume. I have been reading about the leaks in Japan, the frustrating thing is that they are admitting they are leaking radioactive materials into the ocean and other bodies of water where people get their food and our government isn’t doing a single thing to warn us. They are still allowing companies to import fish from Japan and allowing our fisherman to get food out of the pacific ocean that is going to give us all cancer. I am also very frustrated about this. I hope someone can post some information on this thread about what we can do about this problem. I am personally trying to avoid all fish right now unless I can verify that is it not farmed or from the pacific ocean, and especially avoiding anything from Japan right now. Thanks for promoting this seriously disturbing and frustrating issue!

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Are you kidding me? I posted this original post earlier this week. It was a trending topic and therefore FINALLY getting the necessary attention to put a stop to Japan’s bullshit. So what happens? The government steps in only to make it a million times worse. Honestly, I am not pulling a Mel Gibson here, but if you don’t smell a conspiracy theory going on here than you might as well just be an ostrich with your head in a hole.

Here is the gist: Fukushima (yea, fuck you very much Fukushima) has been dumping anywhere between 300-750 tons of toxic materials into the ocean EVERYDAY since 2011. They were 100% aware of this and how it was affecting the entire Pacific, yet they continued to do it (I am guessing lobbyism for fat cat corporations, including some in the US, to ensure the cogs of big money business keep turning) even though we witnessed devastation of life above and below the ocean line. Now that attention finally came to light, the Japanese government intervened. So that is good, right? Well let’s take a look at what they did.

“On August 26, the government decided to take over running the emergency measures to tackle the radioactive water leaks, reflecting a lack of confidence in TEPCO. Now four days after the government took control the plant ‘thousands of tons’ of highly radioactive material was dumped into the Pacific.”

….. WHAT?!?!?!? Are you serious? Go F yourself Japan. So what happens as a result? THE OCEAN IS BOILING FOR A 50 MILE RADIUS AROUND FUKUSHIMA. Now the Fukushima “Plume of Death” is rapidly bearing down on Hawaii (whose bluefin tuna has already been advised as non-consumable due to Fukushima’s devastation from 2011) and estimated to hit the shores of California just 90-minutes after that. And what will happen as a result? Scientists don’t even know at this point….. How FUKUSHIMA scary is that?

I pray this is just a stunt to grab attention to how bad Asia is messing up the ocean with their total lack of respect, and that my anger is unjustified. I guess til we find out the facts, I will just have to give up the thing I love/respect/enjoy more than anything else on this earth. Be ocean-minded…. you ever heard of that Japan? I hope Godzilla comes and takes a big ol’ crap on your islands face.

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Darragh @darraghr

***Note from poster: Although there is no response to these posts, I feel I should keep updating b/c the story keeps getting worse and is going to affect at least everyone on the pacific ocean, and more likely, the whole world.***

I do not support the death penalty, but on the reals, can we start to get the gallows ready? Someone has gotta go down hard for this one!! PLEASE READ.

This is the latest update summary: Since the major spill a few days ago, HUNDREDS of whale carcasses are washing up on the beach. Since the story was reported, people are wondering WTF is going on, so they contacted the World Nuclear Association (WNA). The WNA is asking that people take down their reports, because they can’t handle the volume of concern. Well excuse me WNA, but kindly GO F YOURSELVES!! Finally getting a bit of insight into the situation, scientists now “estimate 219,000 tons of nuclear waste has leaked into the Pacific Ocean over the past two years which up until 14 days ago TEPCO had kept a secret.” So what was their excuse? “Government has been silent because no one can yet begin to image the impact this debacle will have locally as well as globally”. Yup. That makes sense.

Now please excuse me, I have to goto the Apple store b/c I just put my fist though my computer screen. Side note – does apple-care cover violent outrage punches???

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@darraghr Thanks for posting about this. I am a big sushi fan, and I definitely want to stay educated about the food I put in my body. I read your post, and I am extremely concerned, however this article eased my fears a bit. It is extremely in depth and gives some perspective on radiation in the ocean, as well as in bananas.

I think it is important to note that we are exposed to radiation all day long. As the article mentions, X rays and even flying in planes exposes us to radiation. Our cell phones, microwaves, and every day activities expose us to radiation. I personally think all of this is causing cancer and cell mutation, which is why I appreciate this topic. It is important for us to consider how we can avoid radiation that we do not have to expose ourselves to.

That being said, I will continue to eat sushi. But I am going to avoid Tuna. I am not a big fan of Tuna anyway, I am more of a salmon lover. But as the article indicates, larger fish and animals will contain more radiation that smaller organisms. Which is why I am assuming the whales are being affected :(

I wish there was a solution to save these whales, but the article also indicates, and other articles say the same, that Japan is not going to fix the leakage for many years, and they do not know if it is even possible to fix.

I may start avoiding microwaves, X rays, bananas, and other high radiation activities. I also think using your phone only on speaker and holding it away from your head it a good plan.

But basically what I am saying is, it is physically impossible to avoid radiation these days. Sad but true. I think the greatest cost of all of this is the affect is having on the animals.

September 17, 2013

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