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The political, social networking site that integrates politics with popular culture.
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    I’m kind of curious as to why you think believing we should treat people who engage in peaceful acts with compassion rather than throwing them into cages when we disagree with them is a “sad […]

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    Whoa there James, I’ve never heard so many fallacies come out of the same mouth.

    First off all thank you for the nice ad hominem attack. It’s always nice to have slander thrown at me […]

  • Opponents of anarchy are attacking a straw man. Their arguments are usually utilitarian in nature and amount to “but anarchy won’t work” or “we need the (things provided by the) state.” But these attacks are […]

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    Thank you for admitting that you had no knowledge of voluntaryism. I accept your apology, thanks for coming clean I hope you find some good information regarding it. Feel free to shoot me a […]

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    Ok first off, thank you for your extraordinarily inaccurate strawman fallacies. If you had the first foggiest clue what voluntaryism was, you wouldn’t be making these claims. It kind of helps to […]

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    As usual people fear what they don’t understand. Let me ask you something: If you are against the consumption of alcohol, would you go to a bar?? If you advocate for the removal of government, it […]

  • Here’s something to keep in mind next to you want to legislate your religion:

    Law is backed by violence. This is an irrefutable fact. So by legislating a law, you are giving a moral justification to inflict […]

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    There are many conservatives/liberals who advocate for special treatment of certain businesses through bailouts and subsidies. Many conservatives that I’ve met believe that if an industry or a big […]

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    I think we are going to have to agree to disagree on this topic.I appreciate your insight on non-voting. It sounds like you are well informed on most issues, just mislead about voluntaryism and […]

  • Income Taxes   |   Taxes    5 years ago

    What is so inherently evil about the income tax? You might inquire: “Alex, how is the income tax evil? The people who enacted the 16th amendment seemed to have good intentions.”

    The basic evil of the income tax […]

  • I do not support the use of drugs in any way, however I do not think they should be illegal either. Here are five reasons drugs should be legalized:

    It would cause the crime rate to drop:

    When something is […]

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    Yes I often come across as firm in my beliefs, and fairly strong headed. I rarely think of this as a detriment to my character although I do get carried away sometimes.

    A good chunk of the gay […]

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    Government is slowly chipping away at property rights, which makes it difficult for small farms to flourish. They are mandating how food is grown, what food is grown, where food is grown. The EPA is […]

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    Anarcho capitalists, often referred to as Voluntaryists, propose a stateless society, thus it is nonsensical to achieve this goal through the State. We propose better ways to achieve our goals through […]

  • Should GMO labeling be mandated? Even though I am strongly against GMOs, I am also against mandatory labeling:

    #1 – We shouldn’t be asking for federal government authority over our food. Period.

    Case in […]

  • A principled non-voter? She’s probably part of the sect of anarcho-capitalists that believe voting gives the government consent to rule over you. You can be fully aware of the issues and not choose to vote. Many […]

  • A movement is shaped by it’s people. The fact that I can’t name a single…a SINGLE Tea Party politician that is a gay rights supporter and an advocate for marijuana legalization should say something about the […]

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